Immunity to fight deadly war virus, Roman Catholic Archbishop asks

“We must do everything possible to ensure that Russian war crimes do not spread around the world. Today Ukraine is on the front lines of this battle. We are stopping this evil, but the whole world must realize the danger of an epidemic of this “Russian world”, an epidemic to justify War crimes that resort even to religious motives.

Christ is Risen! Truly Risen!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today is Thursday, May 26, 2022, and our Fatherland, our people, for 92 days are resisting a large-scale invasion of the territory of our state by the Russian army.

Ukraine is resisting. Ukraine fights even if it pays the highest price in the fight for its freedom. The situation in the cities and towns of our homeland is glowing. In particular, there was heavy fighting in the Luhansk region in the past day and night. Although Russia can no longer wage an all-out war on all fronts in the same way, in some areas, in some areas, blood runs like a river.

Today we are especially concerned and pray for the city of Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region, and for Slovyansk, and for Kramatorsk, for that part of Ukraine that is today the center of the Russian offensive. There is widespread hostilities along the front lines. Our Donetsk region is bleeding. Southern Ukraine, despite the enemy’s attempt to attack, heroically resists the bombing of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Zaporizhia region. Fighting is taking place in the north of the Kherson region, the town of Mykolaiv has been bombed.

But Ukraine is praying. Pray and ask the Lord God for strength to resist evil. Ukraine testifies and assures the whole world that evil can and must be defeated. But we need allies, we need help to defeat evil together. Because only with all the loyal and honest people in the world can Ukraine survive and will survive this battle.

Today I would like to think with you about another phenomenon of the sinful state of man, from the series “Sins of Others”. This sin says: “Do not come upon sin.” We see that human sin is a spiritual disease. It is a certain curse. It is a disease that has the very dangerous property of infecting other people around it. Just as in the times of the coronavirus epidemic, when it was necessary to contain the spread of the disease and isolate the patient, in the same way, when it comes to the sinner who infects everyone around him with his sins, everything must distance himself from your actions. If crime goes unpunished, due to impunity, criminal behavior grows and spreads.

In the spiritual life, sin must be dealt with properly. Thus it is very important to find the appropriate remedy for this sin. It is clear that the first step is to distance oneself from this sinful behavior, and evaluate it fairly, but in the end it is necessary to find the appropriate remedy for the seriousness of this guilt. Therefore, punishment in the spiritual sense is medicine. Sometimes the spiritual work that we call punishment, repentance, may not be very pleasant, and it may be difficult, but it represents salvation from sin for the patient. Sin can be contagious and can lead to death. Instead, the sage takes care, and the wisdom of the confessor helps us overcome sin, cure it, not suffer the death that this sin imparts, and help those who suffer from this sinful disease.

Today, we must do everything in our power to ensure that Russian war crimes do not spread in the world. Today Ukraine is at the forefront of this struggle. We are stopping this evil, but the whole world must realize the gravity of this “Russian world” pandemic, a pandemic to justify war crimes that resort even to religious motives.

Today we ask the whole world to be aware of these spiritual ills spread by our conquest. Be careful not to remain silent in the face of this tragedy, for every silence and every hesitation to retreat, condemn and punish these crimes today, has become poisonous and dangerous and afflicts innocent souls with the death that war in Ukraine brings.

God bless our army. Bless the sons and daughters of Ukraine who are facing evil. God bless the children of Ukraine. Give us immunity to fight the deadly war virus. May God bless Ukraine and its children with heavenly peace!

May the Lord’s grace be upon you in His mercy and love for mankind now and forever. Trustworthy!

Christ is Risen! Truly Risen! He really did!

Svyatoslav +
Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

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