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Atlético-MG striker Hulk was the special guest on ‘Conversa com Biel’, which aired on TV Globo, in the early hours of Friday. The conversation with the announcer went far beyond football.

The Gallo player talked about the details of his childhood in Paraíba, where he “gave” the title of champion. He “sold his fish” to Titi to try for a place in the World Cup, revealing how he “burned” coach Coca’s tongue, playing with his body and moving to remember a moment with his wife Camilla.

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“The largest muscle is the heart.” Upon hearing the woman’s phrase, in an excerpt from the recently released book, which chronicles the accomplishments of 2021 by Atlético, Hulk was very emotional and was about to interrupt the interview with Pedro Bial (Check it out in the video above).

– She’s getting emotional, because… sorry about that. As you know, today many look at the Temple, where you came from, and what you conquered. And material goods, we conquer, we work, we lose, we win, but the most important thing is my children. Sometimes it is the object of envy and severe criticism of what it has built. Few people know the path, the heart, and the person you are.

I put my knees on the floor daily and thank God for everything he has given me in my life. Not on the financial side, but on the professional and personal side. My four children, they are everything to me. The wife who helps me is like hell. I’m very lucky, said the player in tears.

Striker Hulk cries during an interview on Conversa Com Biel – Photo: clone

The story of luxury and glory on the court began very differently for Hulk. Before he took his first steps in football, in Campina Grande, Paraíba, the boy Givanildo grew up in a modest family and from a young age was responsible for helping his parents in the fair. There he set up the first gym of his career, “carrying meat up and down,” he recalls.

This has helped me a lot, especially in learning the value of things in life. That moment was fundamental as an education.

At this time, he explained to his father the name by which he would be recognized for the rest of his life.

– My dad used to get crazy, because I kept walking around the house picking up things, new gas bottles. My dad used to say, “You’re going to get hurt!” Then I said, “No, Dad. I’m the Hulk, I’m just like him, very strong.” Then my father said, “Okay yes. You will be called hulk now. “He didn’t think he would catch… – he laughed.

The boy grew up, the nickname became his name, the dream of being a football player and giving his family a better future came true. But first, far from the spotlight in the future. His first professional contract was with Vitoria, with a salary of R$500. “I won R$250 because the other half said it was for a savings account.”

“Let’s go to Brazil! The biggest game show at a price giving game. Sign the premiere!”

It didn’t work out in Bahia, and he went to try his luck in Japan, where, in addition to being forced to learn to cook so he wouldn’t “starve”, he excelled until he won the biggest chance of his life in Porto in 2008. He stayed with the Portuguese national team for four years and won 11 titles, He even replaced Portugal with Russia for 60 million euros. Russian and Chinese football and finally success at home. The rooster entered the story.

In football they always want you to prove yourself. When I got here, people didn’t know me, even because of the heroics I’d been through. They were surprised by my numbers. He told reporters, “Hulk is having the best moment of his career.” And I, not even remotely.

“Do it simply. You don’t have technology.”

Prior to the success of Artillery and the titles at Atlético, it was public that the Hulk had a falling out with Coca. He wanted minutes on the field and even thought about terminating the contract with Galo, but his wife Camila and his family convinced him to stay. I passed. To Pedro Biel, the striker told stories about the beginning of the relationship with the former coach.

Conversation with Biel: Hulk reveals the episode it's in

Conversation with Biel: Hulk Reveals ‘I Burn His Tongue’ Episode at Atlético-MG

– Here’s the training session. “Structure,” he said, “because you are technically inferior, do simplicity.” I said, “Master, this proves that we don’t know each other, you don’t know my football.” Some players have heard this. Two days later, we played at Independence and I gave several touches of the lyrics, and my teammates were joking: “Don’t do that because you don’t have technology, Hulk” – laughter.

Hulk told how coach Coca ‘burned tongue’ at Atletico MG – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico MG

– But this was only the beginning with Coca. Having met him, I began to engage. He has his own style, but we only argued last year, and then it all worked out. We were heroes, and I wish him all the best in life. I met his family, his mother. He was a very important man to me in 2021.

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“Sell my fish, right?”

Despite the recent defeat, for Tolima, Hulk numbers in 2022 remain above average. In 20 matches, there were already 18 goals. The facts that make the name of the striker always asked by fans and at the round tables of the Brazilian national team. To Bial, Hulk explained his qualities, and said why he might be important at the World Cup.

– Therefore, I think that it is because of experience, because of the ability to group, to be good in a group, to get along with everyone. I’m selling my fish, right? But I know Tite has the players he’s known for the longest and trusted. I understand that, but I’ll look, and no matter what, I’ll cheer Brazil on to bring this important title to the people.

“As we say, hope is the last to die. As long as there is an opportunity, I will continue to work and focus.”

Tite welcomes Hulk and other players at the center of the national team – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

At the end of the conversation, the attacker had fun with Biel as he talked about his body.

Funny, I’ve found women over 80 asking me: “Let me see if your ‘ass’ is real.” What is this, madam… What is this… – Laughter – It was something that made me uncomfortable at first. Today I rest more. We learn how to deal with these situations.

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