How to put emojis on PC

Knowing how to put emojis on a computer can be used to style your computer typing. Ideograms are best known for being part of conversations in mobile applications, but they are also present in the lives of those who spend most of the day connected to a computer.

How to insert emojis on PC

In Windows 10, the latest emoji update was implemented in 2019, version 12.0, and it allows 3,249 emojis to be used. Windows 11 users, who are part of the Windows Insider Program, are testing version 14.0 from the Unicode Consortium, the body responsible for indexing symbols, and can use 3,952 emoji on Windows.

In both, the acronym is the same. By the way, if you have an interesting idea to create your own emoji, you can check the text and see how to create your own creations on different platforms. Now back to the tutorial.

Windows shortcut to use emoji

It is worth noting that in some text editors, such as Notepad, the emoji appear in black and white, but when copying and pasting elsewhere they will appear in color.

  1. In any text field, press the “Windows” + “” keys. At the same time ;
  2. Choose the emoji you want to use by changing the categories in the bottom menu;
  3. When you find it, just click on it and it will appear in the field.
Through a Windows shortcut, it is possible to insert emoji into computer text fields (screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

How to change emoji skin color

One of the most important aspects of society is the ability to make people feel represented. Through the emoji panel it is possible to choose the skin tone, review it:

  1. access to the panel through the shortcut;
  2. access to the “People” option in the bottom menu;
  3. In this section, you can choose skin tone from the top menu.
For a greater representation, it is possible to change the skin tone of the emoji on PC (screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

virtual keyboard

Another way to use emojis on PC is to use the virtual keyboard, but to access it, you have to activate it through the taskbar.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select “Show on-screen keyboard button”;
  2. Next to the date and time of the computer, a new option will appear, click;
  3. This makes the keyboard appear on the screen, tap the emoji next to the spacebar;
  4. Use the emojis you want.
Through the virtual keyboard, it is also possible to put emojis on the PC (screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

On the virtual keyboard, the way to change the emoji skin tone is a little different, but it’s just as easy. When you click on the People section, an arrow will appear above the icon and by clicking on it you can make the change.

Unicode Consortium List

You can also add emojis from the Unicode Consortium’s emoji menu and browse the entire library, separated by sections and all variations.

Important to remember: As universal as emoji symbols are, each platform has its own visual style, so pasting an emoji on Twitter can give your text a completely different experience than using it on Facebook, check it out below:

  1. Through Google Chrome or your favorite browser, access the site and browse the categories;
  2. When you find what you want, select the emoji with the cursor and copy (Ctrl + C);
  3. Take it wherever you want and paste (Ctrl + V).

What is and how to use Kaomoji?

Another option available to users is Kaomojis, a style of emoji popular in Japan that emerged in the 1980s and has become popular all over the world. Emojis precede themselves and are a way of using symbols with special characters such as square brackets or parentheses.

  1. Access the virtual keyboard using the Windows shortcut or taskbar;
  2. Next to the emoji you can find the kaomoji icon;
  3. Navigate through the options in the bottom menu and use them wherever you want.
Kaomoji is another form of emoji, originally from Japan, available on Windows (screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

These are the found ways to use the emoji keyboard through the shortcut in the operating system or by using the keyboard on the taskbar.

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