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The field of information technology has been boosted by the digitization of companies – which has accelerated with the pandemic. The sector has a high demand and a shortage of manpower.

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There are vacancies in the most diverse activities related to the sector. Check below for areas that are most suitable for those starting out. (Starting salaries as per the 2022 Salary Guide for Consulting Robert Half).

what’s he doing: In this field, professionals are responsible for maintaining the technological structure of companies, public agencies and other organizations. They can work with maintaining and managing hardware (computers and other gadgets), networks, and software.

Initial salary: 3850 R$ for a Junior Infrastructure Analyst.

requirements: It is not mandatory to have a degree to work in the area, but it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge in the most common tools (databases, cloud services, etc.) through courses and certifications. Also indicated is knowledge of programming languages ​​(Python and Java, for example), which can be obtained in free courses.

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Software development

what’s he doing: Another much-needed area that is primarily responsible for creating all the tools we use on computers and on the Internet is software developers. Professionals in this sector are called “developers”.

Since it is a very broad field, interested parties can follow different paths: Front end, back end or mobile. The front end works with the part that interacts with users – for example, everything that is visible in the application. On the other hand, the back end is the opposite: it works in the part of the program that the user does not see, such as the product database of an online store. There is also the option to work specifically with software targeting mobile phones as a mobile developer.

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Initial salary: R$4800 (starter interface) to R$5500 (starter and mobile interface).

Requirements: a The most common training is higher education in computer science or systems analysis. Although recommended, graduation is not mandatory. Those who did not go to college can seek courses in programming logic and learn the major languages ​​and methodologies available for each major.

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what’s he doing: The data scientist is one of the new professions that has emerged with the so-called digital transformation – and therefore it is in high demand. The number of job vacancies in the region grew by nearly 500% in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period the previous year.

It is good to understand that there are differences between jobs. data scientist It is he who works to convert this data into models for machine learning or to create statistical models (statistics, Python, R, Machine Learning).

a Data analyst Converts data into information, in report and dashboard formats. It also cleans and manipulates data and may need to use programming languages ​​such as SQL, Python, spreadsheets, and databases.

you still have data engineerwhich focus more on cleaning and handling information.

Initial salary: R$4,585, with an average salary of R$6,144, according to business tool In Robert Half Salary Guide, a Junior Business Intelligence Analyst receives a starting salary of R$5,600.

requirements: The most popular degree in this field is computer science or, more recently, in specific higher education courses in data science. Those who choose a shorter path can take a specialist course or take a free course in the area. However, I heard the sources before g 1 I recommend college.

Information Security

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what’s he doing: Preventing hackers from accessing company and organization data is one of the main tasks. Recently, several major companies have been hit by attacks that have left their services offline – causing millions in losses and impacting consumers.

Initial salary: 5,300 R$ for a Junior Security Analyst.

requirements: Region He does not have a mandatory application for a degreebut it is necessary to have Knowledge of programming languagesAnd the Databases, security rules and protocolssuch as ISO 27001.

5 tips for starting your career in IT

5 tips for starting your career in IT

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