Five tips for a successful career in IT

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Discover the inspiring story and tips provided by Marcio William, Co-Founder and CTO of Remessa Online, the leading financial company in international relocations.

Getting a job in technology can be a guarantee of getting a good job with excellent pay. Currently, in Brazil and in the world, the supply of vacancies for professions related to technology is greater than the number of candidates. Therefore, companies strive to be attractive from the selection process to the daily work, salary and benefits offered, in order to attract and retain professionals.

Remessa Online expects only 200 people on its Information Technology (IT) team by the end of the year. There are currently 115. The high demand from companies for professionals in this sector and the hiring of foreign companies are also issues of concern to technology team managers, notes Marcio Williams, co-founder and head of engineering at Remessa Online. “We are in a moment of emergence and appreciation that IT professionals did not have. To meet this challenge, we opened a technical training program and hired 20 trainees to become our soon-to-be leaders. The important thing is to create the conditions for people to be able to build and develop products, and to maintain continued ability for business growth,” As he says.

Vocational lessons

The field of technology is undoubtedly promising. But, as in any profession, to achieve professional success, you need to take the right steps. In this sense, Marcio Williams has an inspiring path for entrepreneurs, aspirants, and tech professionals. He started his career providing IT support and did his first internship in the Department of Prison Administration, where he was concerned with computers.

In the penultimate semester of college, he did an internship at Ortobom, where he began his career as a programmer, the main goal of which was to migrate a system in Cobol to Microsiga. He supported the team to build reports and tools that facilitated the process. Since he was always curious and capable, he was involved in other projects and participated in the development of an application. In doing so, learn a new programming language to develop applications for mobile devices.

That’s when he met Talise Gomez, a co-worker. One day, Thales called him for lunch and talked about the idea of ​​creating a mobile taxi ordering app. At the same time, William began working on this project after office hours. At the end of 2011, he left the retail chain, and in March 2012, Easy Taxi was born. And at the end of the same year, the company received its first contribution. In a short time we were in several cities in Brazil and Latin America. Over time, Easy Taxi has reached more than 30 countries”, he highlights.

In 2015, he felt it was time for a makeover, as he loved turning ideas into products. At that time, along with Alexandre Liuzzi and other businessmen, he created a project builderAny startup factory.

After that, they both joined forces with Fernando Bavani to launch Remessa Online, where he started to devote himself fully. The company is considered a success case, since in 2021 it was sold to Ebanx for R$1.2 billion. According to William, it took 10 years to take on the technology. “I took advantage of the opportunities and worked to transform the initiative into products that help and create value for society,” he asserts.

Marcio’s main goal in his studies was to be close to technology. He has a technical background in Information Systems and graduated to be a Network Technician.

Guiding a promising path

To help professionals in this field have a successful career, Marcio William has included some tips. paying off:

1 Work with what moves you: Information technology is a vast world with many fields that professionals choose to specialize in – in addition to programming, cybersecurity, data analysis and more. Therefore, Marcio William’s approach is that the professional discovers what is most special about him in this passage, learns everything he can about it and devote himself to following the development of the field.

2 Study and update yourself: Information technology requires constant study and updating, therefore, learn constantly to be able to occupy the best positions within the team in which you work. In addition to college, it is important to take some side courses that can help you learn programming and product development. “Self-management and continuous learning will make a difference in your career!” , Marcio Williams highlights.

3 MA English Language: To be able to access knowledge (study with content in a foreign language), it is necessary to know the most widely used language in the world. In addition, the first modern computer languages ​​were made by Americans and are in English, making the language essential for anyone wanting to work in the area.

4 For those who love programming, the advice is to learn by doing: The more you practice, become curious and learn, the better professional you will be in technology, problem solving and solution development.

5 Take advantage of opportunities: According to Marcio William, this principle is valid not only for business, but also for business. It is essential to take advantage of the opportunities that arise along the way, to learn more and more to become a qualified professional, and to conquer your space or even a leadership position in the company.

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