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Earlier this month, Luxembourg Wert published a four-part article, in interview format, starring Gerard Hoss and his daughter, Catarina Hoss, in which the two talk about the relationship between Luxembourg and Portugal and their passion for the country. , including his relationship with Ericeira, within the scope of a series of reports titled “Happy Luxembourgers in Portugal”.

Any Jagus knows Gerard Hoss as the owner of the Roude Léiw Club (Red Lion) bar and restaurants of Luxembourg, but he is more than just an expert in restoration, famous for building a comfortable home and welcoming everyone with great sympathy, makes Gerard a point to show his passion for Ericeira, which is evident in the decoration of his establishments, It blends different elements of the Portuguese village and its homeland.

I have two hearts, one beats in Luxembourg and the other beats in Portugal

“I have two hearts, one beats Luxembourg and one beats Portugal,” Luxemburger supposes, telling the many stories that have accumulated over his 48 years of relationship with Ericeira—he was here on his summer vacation, almost every year. years old, with his Portuguese wife and two children.

For Gerard, some of the reasons that prompted him to move definitively to the village of Gagosa were the local climate and relaxation, which contrasts, according to himself, with the “serious discipline of the Luxembourgers. Although this decision to move was due to the health problems of her mother-in-law and the exhaustion of her life Professional at the helm of an international company, this was a choice you never regretted.

“Look at this sea and this sun. January and February were already months of heat and good weather. Who trades this for Luxembourg’s climate?” Gérard questions, continuing his thoughts while thinking at sea with his daughter Catarina, who, like her parents, also moved with her family to Ericeira.

“It’s great to be able to live by the sea, come with my girls to the beach after school and all the freedom we feel here,” says Catarina, who was born in Portugal and moved to Luxembourg at the age of six months.

The Portuguese-Luxembourg shared with Wert newspaper that “the impetus for the change came about professional disappointment in the life of this former employee of the legal department at a public institute in Luxembourg, which was combined with the fact that the eldest daughter could already start primary school in Portugal. And here he is, ‘happy’, as It defines walking along the beach barefoot, on a sunny May morning.”

If you had guessed the life we ​​now live here in this village, you would have come to Portugal earlier

During the interview, Catarina (who currently works as a real estate consultant) told Wort that Luxembourgers are increasingly buying more homes in places like Ericeira, Lisbon, Cascais and Santa Cruz, with the intention of vacationing. In search of quality of life, good weather conditions, or perhaps, surfing, make this fishing village a place to share time between the mother country and Portugal.

If I had known the life we ​​now live here in this village, I would have come to Portugal earlier. I have no regrets and do not think of returning to Luxembourg,” confirms Katharina Hoss, who says she likes the “mixture of nationalities” that Ericeira experiences among its residents today.

Gerard, “Geraldo” or “Luxembourg”, as the local community affectionately addresses him, still recounts, with a smile on his face, all the experiences he went through and the chapters he is still writing in this land: he talks about what motivated him to open his first restaurant and how it came to be known as Ericeira kebab”, and “blames” his son, who introduced him to the Turkish specialty on one of his trips.

And since not everything is a bed of roses, Luxemburger did not contain his words and gave his opinion of what Ericeira lacks, i.e. “the vision for the future”.

This village has enormous wealth, a strong identity, and a lot of potential. It has unique characteristics and can be Portuguese Monte Carlo. Identity disappears with the closure of, for example, traditional bars and restaurants because the owners have not been able to overcome the epidemic crisis, and there is no investment in good infrastructure for tourism and even for the population. He stressed that the promised marina was never built, there is no casino and the city has become a dormitory, stressing that “there is no investment in development for the risk of Ericera becoming unattractive in the future.”

“What will happen to our children and grandchildren next? We don’t build anything we leave them,” he says in a tone of disappointment. This passion for the village earned him some invitations to apply for positions on the parish council, which he declined, and he shared his thoughts as a commentator on Rádio do Concelho de Mafra.

Problems aside, the father and daughter are very happy to live in Ericeira and do not plan to return to Luxembourg.

You can read the full original interview here.

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