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If you want to create an emoji, you can submit your idea to Unicode, the company responsible for creating the “smilies” used in messengers and social networks. Anyone from anywhere on the planet can provide suggestions and the opportunity to create custom emojis for Android phones, iPhone (iOS), and computers. But it is worth noting that the process takes a long time, and in order for there to be real chances of approval, it is necessary to follow all the rules and conditions set by the company. Check out how to suggest your own emoji idea for Unicode below. It is worth noting that the operation opens annually, and in 2022, it will be available until July 3.

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How do you make an emoji? Learn how to submit requests to Unicode and get a “face” of your own making – Photo: Unsplash/Denis Cherkashin

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How do you suggest an emoji for Unicode?

The first step. Enter the Unicode Guidelines page to submit an emoji suggestion. There, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions. The page also offers a spreadsheet with all the emoji suggestions ever made. It is important to consider before submitting your proposal to ensure that what you intend to propose has not actually been submitted to Unicode before. Remember that emoji ideas that have been rejected cannot be resubmitted;

Unicode rules page for sending emojis – Photo: Reproduction / Júlio César

Step Two: After verifying that your idea is indeed original, now is the time to make sure that the emoji to be presented fits one or more characteristics that are important for acceptance. They are as follows: it should be compatible with other popular emojis, offer new features, fill in the gaps in existing materials, and have a high level of usability. For the latter, it will be necessary to provide data indicating the possible use of emojis, such as Google searches for terms, videos and images, for example. perform searches in a special browser and then print a copy for upload to the form;

To suggest an emoji for Unicode, it is important to collect data on the importance of your idea – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo

The third step. Create emoji example images with a link to a ZIP file. So, just select the images, click the plus icon, and then set the files as ZIP. Images must be in PNG format, with dimensions of 18 x 18 and 72 x 72 pixels. If you do not have the rights to the images, you will need to include a link in the proposal that specifies that the uploaded file is in the public domain;

Save emoji suggestions as a Zip – Photo: Reproduction / Júlio César

Step 45. Fill out a proposal form with the same topics described on the Unicode page. Simply copy and paste the form information into a Word file and fill it out. Then save the file as a PDF somewhere where you can get the link to send it;

It is important to be aware of the rules for submitting an emoji – Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

Step 5. Now that you have all the materials completed, complete the proposal submission form. The first few pages will require some personal information as well as agreement with several terms of the license agreement. You will need to agree to the eight terms under Sender Acceptances. Next, pass the emoji information you send to the process, such as the name and results obtained in the usage survey. The last part of the form is one of the most important parts, as you have to include the image links in a zip file and also in the duly filled out proposal form. Click Submit.

Emoji suggestions must be submitted through a form – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo

ready! Now just wait to see if the company will accept your proposal and if it will generate your own emoji. Updates are expected to be released in October by Unicode.

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