CONMEBOL Launches Awareness Campaign Against Racism in Football – 05/27/2022

CONMEBOL announced on Friday the launch of the “Stop Racism in Football” campaign, after repeated acts of racial discrimination in the country. Editors and on South American.

In the official announcement, the Confederation classified any manifestation of racism as “completely unacceptable” and stated that it sought to raise awareness of the issue.

“CONMEBOL considers absolutely unacceptable any manifestation of racism and other forms of violence in its competitions. Awareness directed at players, referees and football fans, will be evident through all available means of communication as a permanent campaign,” he said.

In order to impose more severe penalties for racist manifestations, Article 17 of the Disciplinary Code was amended. Among the changes, an increase in the amount of fines imposed on clubs, as well as the veto power of fans in the stadium.

Check out the full official statement:

CONMEBOL considers that any manifestation of racism and other forms of violence is totally unacceptable in its tournaments. The fight against this scourge occupies a central place in the concerns and actions of CONMEBOL, which is why, after changes in the regulations, the “BASTA! – Stop Racism in Football!” campaign is launched.

Awareness directed to football players, referees and fans will be visible across all available media as a permanent campaign.

On May 9, 2022, the CONMEBOL Council amended Article 17 of the Disciplinary Code, increasing penalties for discriminatory acts, including the following:

1. Any player or employee who insults or violates the human dignity of another person or group of people, by any means, for reasons of skin, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, creed or origin, will be suspended for at least five matches or for a period of two months at least.

2. Any member association or club whose supporters insult or violate the human dignity of another person or group of people, by any means, for reasons of skin colour, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, creed or origin. A fine of no less than one hundred thousand US dollars (100,000 US dollars). The competent judicial authority may also impose a penalty for playing one or more matches behind closed doors or partially obstructing the stadium.

3. If the special circumstances of a case so require, the competent judicial body may impose additional penalties on the member association, club, player or official responsible.

Previously, the penalty was a maximum fine of $30,000 and did not include the possibility of stadium closures. This amendment entered into force on the same day it was issued and applies to racist acts committed after that date.

In addition to amending regulations and penalties, CONMEBOL will work to educate values ​​that emphasize racism and other forms of discrimination in core groups. It also undertakes to design and implement new programs and new procedures aimed at the eventual eradication of this problem from football, which affects the entire South American community. CONMEBOL encourages all those interested in cooperating with our efforts, especially all South American football players, such as clubs, federations, media, sponsors and fans, to make no efforts to eliminate racism and other forms of violence and discrimination, as well as to maintain the most important aspect of our sport: the mission of companionship Sportsmanship and healthy competition.

Skin color, race, and habits cannot be used as justifications for excitement. Any behavior that would harm the peaceful coexistence of human beings is unacceptable. Our differences make us special, and this is the value we must magnify, always uniting with the same passion in every match, in every goal, in every hug and celebration, making it clear that football includes and does not separate.

There is no place for racism in the celebration of football in South America. Enough of racism!

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