Bernardo and Cristina, “Forever” friendship. “I really like you” – Big Brother

25 April 2022 was the (symbolic) Liberation Day of Bernardo Sousa. The 35-year-old soon left his past tainted with withdrawal from the sport after a positive doping test, and moved into a new phase of his life. The winner of the title “Big Brother Famosos”, and with his new girlfriend, digital influencer Bruna Gomez, Bernardo is now experiencing unprecedented popularity in his career. Thanks to the TVI reality show presented by Cristina Ferreira.

As with Cacha, Bernardo Sousa was the hero of a documentary about his life before and after participating in the Queluz de Baixo station program. Christina Ferreira traveled with the pilot to Madeira, his hometown. There was time to lead Bernardo, interview her father and mother, and also take stock of the post-Big Brother stage.

At the end of the documentary’s showing, in the studio, TVI’s Director of Entertainment and Fiction couldn’t get through words to praise Bernardo Souza’s transformation. “What I loved seeing the most was the way you beat yourself up. It was so nice to realize that this shy and shy boy came to an end full of confidence, that he realized he could win again at everything in life and that Christina said he was on Ready to return to the real world.”

The TVI reality show host later made a friendship declaration to the pilot. “It’s such an honor to be a part of your life recently. I really like you. I think we’ll be friends forever, holding hands, no matter what.” In my life, what I love most is that someone who gets into my show comes out better.”

The pilot reveals a conversation with his ex-girlfriend. “She respects the fact that I’m with Bruna.”

It’s been a month since Bernardo Sousa won the “Big Brother Vamosos” award. An invitation came to him through his agent and was an ultimatum: accept, “burn” or “clean up”. Bernardo decided to accept because his career “was not going well”, and his relationship at the time was not with Deborah Pinhout.

The invitation to join “Big Brother Famosos” came nearly two years after he was suspended from motor racing, after a positive doping test in which he was accused of taking cocaine. “I didn’t think it was an accusation,” he admitted. When Cristina Ferreira asked him why he had consumed it, the pilot replied. “For nothing! It was childish, I took two and a half years of my life, because it took 24 months [de suspensão] and continuity of professional life. Everything was a snowball that went to the bad side, he remembers. Bernardo Souza says he has become a more closed and insecure person since that episode. “The only place I ever felt like an iron man was in the car.”

Before joining the country’s most guarded house, Bernardo Sousa broke off his relationship with Deborah Pinhoti. Fate wanted him to fall in love with Bruna Gomez on the reality show. Outside, pilot Cristina Ferreira tells what it was like to meet his ex-girlfriend. “I know her like no one else and I wanted to hear it from her mouth. It was a difficult process, we spent a few hours talking. We feel love for each other, but we know that at this moment, we’re not the most compatible. We’ve been through a lot. We have very heavy things. She respects the fact that I’m with Bruna,” Maderan asserts, adding that he faces the future in a more realistic way. I’ve been dreamy, from racing to girlfriends. “

In the post reality show, despite the immense popularity he has achieved, Maderan ensures that he does not seek fame. “Fame brings very good things, but it also brings less positive things. I will work so that it is not ephemeral and advances my career with it”, guaranty. In the final part of the documentary, Bernardo Sousa admits that winning the TVI program gave him a new perspective on the future. “You defined the meaning of my life, what I became and what I would be from now on. It makes you think deeply, why we make decisions. It made me think about the way I lived and how I wanted to come back to life.”

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