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Heluisa Fortunato said the soldier’s mother saw her son killed from the catwalk in Nova IguaçuReginaldo Pimenta / O Dia Agency

Posted on 05/27/2022 12:01 | Updated on 05/27/2022 12:06

RIO – The mother of an Air Force soldier saw her son’s death from the catwalk during an attempted robbery in Nova Iguaçu, in Baixada Fluminense, Thursday evening. Luiz Elias Vieira de Mello, 21, was on a motorbike, waiting for his mother to leave work, when three criminals attacked him. According to the young man’s aunt, hairdresser Heluisa Cesar Fortunato da Silva, it was a short trip that her sister-in-law could take on her own, but due to the insecurity of the neighborhood, he always went to pick her up. bus station.

Adriana Vieira, the soldier’s mother, works as an administrative assistant in the industrial district of Quemados, also in Baixada, and was getting off the bus near the footbridge, where he was always waiting for her. About a year and a half ago, Louise moved into a flat with his mother, father, and two younger sisters. And their house, according to the aunt of the young man, was a few meters from the place of the tragedy.

“She said she got off the bus and was crossing the pedestrian bridge when she saw everything. She said she saw three items approaching him, but since he had many friends she thought they might be his friends. And when she heard the bullet, she screamed they ran. He was about to He handed over his cell phone, but he was shot in the chest. I ran, but when I arrived, he was already dead. They shot and didn’t take anything. The motorcycle, the cell phone said Heluisa, who was in Nova Iguazu IML to release the soldier’s body on Friday morning, “My nephew has been murdered.”

Louise Elias was a passionate fan of Fluminense. The young man’s father was also in IML and was wearing his son’s club jersey. In deep shock, he and the soldier’s mother were unable to speak to the press.

“He was a very loving son, he always said he would go get her so he wouldn’t let her go home alone. His father works late, and when he came home from the barracks early, he said, ‘Mom. He has a tattoo on his arm in honor of his mother. This crime ended our family,” Heloisa said.

Reports from the residents indicate that the place is dangerous and that the presence of the car that was stationary in the area is no longer present to ensure the safety of the residents.

“The road between the condominiums and the point is very dark, but there is a factory, where there are cameras. The police said yesterday that they will look for pictures. It is very dangerous. Many people have reported assaults there. Every day … circulating. Many people are asking from Husband or son pick them up at the bus stop precisely because of that,” said the young man’s aunt.

Luiz Elias was in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for three years and had plans to pursue his career. Hluisa said the young man helped his mother pay for the apartment they were living in and was happy to buy a new motorcycle and mobile phone.

“It was a pleasure when they managed to get their house. He was helping his mother with the payment. When he joined the Air Force, it was a party, the whole family was very excited. Nobody, but we were all hiding. He was very happy. He was loved by Everyone. He was taking an internal course so he could graduate there.”

The army aunt still remembers the last moments they had together.

“The last conversation we had was about an iPhone he just bought. He just bought his motorcycle and he said his next purchase would be the iPhone. And the first thing I said to him was, ‘Son, if you ever get stolen, you deliver, because there’s tracking.’” So, you’re delivering, because your life is worth more. “This actually happened when his sister was robbed and we were able to get the device back. He was going on vacation today,” said Heluisa, who asked:

“The family is only asking for justice, for the authorities to abide by themselves. There are several reports in our area of ​​burglaries, but many people do not like to comment out of fear. But the few I spoke to my sister- she said I could talk, because she did not want her son to be a son Another enters the statistics. We agonize and regret, but we try to be resolute at least to be able to fight for justice.”

There is no information yet about the date and place of burial of Louis Elias. The case is being investigated by the Baixada Fluminense Police Station for the murders.

* With Reginaldo Pimenta

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