A father and his daughter find a girl after two years of searching; The mother ran away with the child | Ribeirao Preto and France

The meeting took place after an anonymous tip was submitted to the Military Police, who found the girl at a Goiania (GO) school in the city and warned her father. The firefighter left the interior of Sao Paulo on Wednesday (25th) and went to meet his daughter at a shelter in another state.

“Now I must show my side as a father, what it is like to be with her father, show the good things we lived, remember, and create new memories to have a good image of her father.”

Antonio Carlos plays with his daughter at their home in Kravinos, SP. The father found the girl again after two years of searching – Photo: Valdinei Malaguti / EPTV

Rupiah’s defense request by EPTV, a subsidiary of TV Globo, But it did not emerge until the latest update of this report.

The firefighter’s family lawyer, Alexander Durant, said he hoped the judge, after the girl was reunited, would set the rules for the mother’s visit.

“The only thing that makes no sense is not attending the visit, knowing that she can take the child and run away. Even if the weekend is not set [para visitas]But if she has the possibility and does not interfere in the case of the child at school and everything else, then Carlos is a good person and will not prevent this for the mother, but as long as she respects everything that has been determined, “he explained.

Antonio Carlos plays with his daughter at their home in Kravinos, SP. The father found the girl again after two years of searching – Photo: Valdinei Malaguti / EPTV

Antonio Carlos says he met Rubia at a party in Caldas Novas (GO) and the two started dating soon after. After dating for three months, according to Antonio, Rubia became pregnant and then began insisting on marriage.

But he preferred that they remain lovers until the child is born.

According to the firefighter, because of his profession, it was impossible for him to move to Brasilia (DF), where Rubia lives, but a woman continued to force him to move.

Even after the birth of her daughter, Rubia continued to insist on marriage, and when the girl turned three months old, the relationship ended.

Rubia Scrócaro Coelho with her daughter disappeared in August 2020, following a court decision – Image: Reproduction / EPTV

Decision in favor of the escape of the father and the mother

The firefighter also reported that after the couple separated, the court decided joint custody of the girl, with permanent residence in the mother’s home, in Brasilia, where the child was born.

However, the firefighter said the mother made it difficult for him to visit her daughter by setting up obstacles, including moving to another country without communicating with him and without talking to justice.

In light of the father’s reports, Judge Loro Augusto Fabricio de Mello Filho, in a decision of August 18, 2020, considered the “resistance of mothers, which not only creates obstacles to visits, but also provides (the father) information about the daughter “and ordered the girl to live with the fireman.

Justice claimed to alienate a parent and decided in August 2020 that the child would live with the father, in Cravenhos, SP – Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

According to the firefighter, it was from this decision that the mother began to run away with the girl. No news was heard from the girl for two years until, in April of this year, Rebia was arrested in a police attack in Goiás.

The girl was with her and was escorted to the Annapolis Guardianship Council, but a security camera caught the moment the girl left the agency with Rabiya.

“She lived in Brasilia, and I went to Brasilia. Then to Curitiba, I went to Curitiba. It’s now been almost two years without seeing my daughter. So, it was a battle that was really over, and she was taking my peace and I will now participate in this readaptation with my daughter.” Almost two years later, her little head has suffered from so many lies, and so many bad things that have happened.”

Antonio Carlos Gonzaga Coelho last saw his daughter in July 2020 – Photo: Personal Archive

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