2022: The year of football looks better with Toshiba display

We’re in the middle of the year, but for football fans, the excitement is just beginning. This weekend, exactly on 5/28, we have an electrifying final Champions Leaguewhich brings together two world football giants, Real Madrid and LiverpoolThe Cup is contested as the largest club championship on the planet.

If it’s not asking too much, we’re still in a year world Cup. We are looking forward to this year, when the Brazilians will once again be biting their nails, in the crowd so that the Canary players can bring the trophy home.

Do you want to feel like you are on the playground and enjoy all these feelings doubly? The solution is to watch games on a 43 inch screen by toshibavideo, which is a sign of quality and has always been in the minds of the public. Toshiba is the official screen for the Qatar World Cup for a reason, bringing you the number 12 player on the pitch.

UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid-Liverpool

This final, which takes place on 28/05, has everything to be the best in recent years. Real Madrid has made a dramatic path so far. From the beginning, he needed a big return to continue the competition, as in the matches against Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea and especially in his exciting recovery against Manchester City, where he had to rely on the impossible, as he scored two goals at the end of the second. Half and another goal in injury time, ensuring them their place in the final.

Liverpool, despite facing the star-studded Group B, had a quieter path to the final. The Reds were dominant in the first category, winning all their matches, even against teams such as Atlético Madrid, Porto and Milan, the superpowers of European football. In the round of 16, against Inter Milan and in the quarter-final against Benfica, he passed without any surprises, securing his place in the semi-finals.

The only time a Reds fan felt intimidated was in the semi-final second leg against the competition’s big surprise, Villarreal, where they lost by two goals but, unsurprisingly, sealed their place in the Grand Final.

World Cup Qatar

It is a festive year in Brazil. We know that the World Cup has a devastating effect on the minds of Brazilians. We are passionate about football, and the year of the World Cup is a year that is much celebrated and cheered.

Brazil has been selected for Group G of the competition and is the favorite in this first stage, where it is likely to pass without suffocation. This is perhaps the best moment for the Brazilian national team since coach Tite’s arrival, both in terms of fans’ confidence and in recent performances.

With the swing of Neymar Jr. Vinicius Jr. And the experience of Thiago Silva and Marquinhos, we hope that Brazil will show once and for all that this new generation can bring great joy to the fans.

To brighten up all the excitement that 2022, the year of football, brings to the masses, the best models of Toshiba monitors. They are high-quality screens, featuring models from 32 inches to 65 inches with the most innovative features, such as the smart function, that allows the use of streaming applications for those who do not want to miss the tender.

Be the 12th player on the field with the Toshiba screen

Toshiba is the official sponsor of the World Cup in Qatar for one simple reason – its high-quality screens offer the best in terms of picture. With the Toshiba display, fans can enjoy crisp, clear cinema-quality visuals.

To make life easier for die-hard fans, we have compiled a list of 3 options for Toshiba monitors with the best cost and advantages. It is now easy to keep up with exciting games for the best quality available in the market.

4K QLED Display M550 Toshiba 55 Inch Monitor

With the 55-inch 4K QLED monitor from Toshiba’s M550, you’ll experience a reality beyond pixels. This monitor allows for the reproduction of more than a billion colors and colors and a resolution much higher than that offered by conventional monitors.

This screen has one of the fastest operating systems on the market, and Dolby Atmos Experience audio technology ensures unparalleled immersion.

50 inch Toshiba C350 4K TV

Featuring a quad-core processor and VIDAA operating system, the Toshiba C350 4K 50″ monitor delivers superior quality and speed, ensuring a smooth, user-friendly and customizable experience.

The beauty of its infinity-edge bezels and Dolby Atmos Experience sound system bring with a golden key all the durability and quality of this impressive screen in terms of cost and features.

Toshiba 43 inch DLED TV 4K Smart Vida

Toshiba 43 inch DLED 4K Smart VIDAA monitor delivers speed and sound quality at a very reasonable price. Drawing on Dolby Vision + ATMOS, this monitor delivers an unparalleled picture and sound experience.

With any of the above options, you’ll be ready to watch the next great soccer match, keeping track of every move in a millimeter way, in the quality that only a Toshiba display can provide.

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