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With a thin body and an altered face, Manuel Chifond Netto Alves caused some concern. According to the father of the activist Fernando Baptista, the appearance of the young man is due to an alleged assault by Neto in one of the demonstrations in which he participated.

“It started when he was beaten up at the last demonstration, in which part of the back of his head was broken, and he was treated, but since then the child has not been feeling well. [algo] There in the hospital… it’s complicated… there are moments when it erupts,” the activist’s father told DW.

Fernando Baptista denies rumors that drug and alcohol consumption is the cause of Neto Alves’ poor appearance.

Hospital treatment raises doubts

Like Neto Alves’ father, activist Rosa Conde is suspicious of the treatment her fellow soldier received at the hospital:

“This could be the case of the beatings he received during the demonstrations. When they took Nito unconscious to the hospital, no one knew what they were applying to Nito – if they might have used an unsuitable substance, which can destroy the organism. The staff does not stop Think about these possibilities,” Rosa Conde ponders.

Criticism of Neto Alves has intensified recently, after the activist was arrested for allegedly stoning a public bus. Before committing acts of violence, he would refuse to pay for the service.

Campaign on social networks

After that, the activists launched a campaign on social media in favor of the human rights defender, entitled “Neto does not need criticism, Neto needs a psychiatrist.”

Rosa Conde, one of the activists who joined the initiative, explains that the goal is to “save Neto”.

“We need the old Nito, the Nito from 2011 or 2012. We want that active Nito, that strong Nito,” he defends.

In 2011, Neto Alves became famous for the first demonstrations organized at the height of the Arab Spring. He was considered a “prisoner of the president” because he was tried by the then head of state, José Eduardo dos Santos, for libel and defamation, in 2013.

In 2015, he was arrested as part of the well-known “15 + 2” case, when he and other activists were reading the book “From Dictatorship to Democracy” by American Professor Gene Sharp.

asking for help

Fernando Baptista says he does not have the financial resources to treat his son and leaves a plea: “I want civil society and people of goodwill to help us.”

Activist Fabiao Paulo Anciao also understands that some national and international NGOs must help Neto Alves out of the situation in which he finds himself.

“You must not look fearlessly at our brother’s condition that is getting worse. Our brother’s health is in danger. He is having a disastrous life at the moment. He is a young man we all know, with great courage and determination,” he concludes.

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