Without competition, CVTI Nova Iguaçu RJ opens temporary vacancies

many of Nova Iguaçu RJ . Competitions planned for this year. However, some governors do not have public notice, and for this reason, they are hiring temporary workers. One example is the new Career Center for Technology and Innovation (CVTI) selection.

Through the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs, Science, Technology and Innovation (Semacti), CVTI in Nova Iguaçu RJ inaugurated the new selection process on Thursday, 26th, with the aim of filling 21 temporary vacancies.

There are opportunities for positions at all levels of education, with gains Between 1212 and 3297 BRL. are they:

  • basic level: Operations Assistant (two vacancies);
  • Average level: operational services agent (six);
  • Technical Intermediate Level: Technical Coordinator (one), Junior Teaching Technician I – Informatics (one), Junior Teaching Technician II – Informatics plus Web Design (one) and Junior Teaching Technician III – Informatics plus Automation (one); And
  • upper level: Educational Coordinator (two), Educational Consultant (one), Senior Teaching Technician I – Information Technology (one), Senior Teaching Technician (II) – Management (one), Senior Teaching Technician (one) – Marketing (one).

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Notification access

CVTI aims to popularize science and technology in the formation of digital skills, qualification in the development of functional products, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of innovation projects.

In the unit, various courses can be found, such as game programming, application creation, robotics, web design, and others.

Applications open until 30

Those interested in the new CVTI selective process for Nova Iguaçu RJ must register, through the website of the Municipal Administration and Technology, as of Thursday, 26, Until 10 AM on May 30.

There is no fee to participate in the selection process. Applications are submitted online and by filling out a form, which will also require submission of the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae containing personal data and academic and professional experience;
  • Valid identity document
  • CPF.
  • Evidence of school education and regular professional registration with the relevant board, as required by the job applied for;
  • Evidence for the purpose of obtaining a degree for factor 1 – academic experience;
  • Evidence for the purpose of obtaining a degree for factor 2 – professional experience.

The selection process will take place in one step, syllabus analysis. Those approved on June 30 will be called, and may have to submit documents in person.

Contracts will be for 12 months, and can be extended. In addition to salaries, those approved are entitled to paternity/maternity leave, vacation leave, and a thirteenth salary.

Without competition, CVTI Nova Iguaçu RJ opens up the selection process (Photo: Disclosure)
Without competition, CVTI Nova Iguaçu RJ opens the selection process
(Photo: publicity)

Summary about selection

  • member: The Professional Center for Technology and Innovation (CVTI) of Nova Iguaçu (RJ)
  • positionsAssistants, agents, coordinators, consultants and technicians
  • vacancies: 21 temporary
  • RequirementsElementary, intermediate, technical and higher levels
  • Compensation: between 1212 and 3297 BRL
  • Recordings: From 26 to 30 May

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Education and health

Nova Iguaçu RJ competitions, with vacancies for the Health and Education Departments, are expected to take place this year.

According to the municipality, the contract with RBOwhich was signed in January 2021, is still valid.

In this way, the publication of public notices depends only on the budget of the public authority, with no administrative formalities being completed.

The Nova Iguaçu City Council also stated that the number of vacancies remains the same, that is, 3,256with 2,270 for the Department of Health and 986 for the Department of Education.

“The municipality of Nova Iguaçu clarifies that the contract with the RBO to organize health and education competitions is still valid. The number of expected places remains the same, 2,270 for the Municipal Department of Health (Semus) and 986 for the Municipal Department of Education (SEMED), ”said the city council in 2021.

In June of last year, the Budget Guidelines Act (LDO) was enacted, which allowed the Nova Iguaçu City Hall to include in this year’s budget the necessary funds for public competitions for active positions.


The Cisbaf Nova Iguaçu RJ Competition also made progress in March of this year. As published in the municipality’s Official Gazette, the selection will be regulated by IBDO . Institute.

In all, the Inter-Municipal Health Consortium of Baixada Fluminense (Cisbaf) will offer six vacancies, three of which are immediate and three to form a reserve registry, in the following mid-level jobs:

  • Accounting Agent (one vacancy); And
  • Administrative technician (five vacancies).

The selection, according to Cisbaf, will be made through an objective test. The subjects to be charged were not disclosed, as were the salaries offered to those who were approved.

Royal Jordanian Nova Iguazu Room

Another public notice about to be published is that of Nova Iguaçu RJ . City Council Competition. In total, the Legislative Council has 33 vacancies for the following positions:

office. headquarters. center vacancies pay
Legislative Support Analyst 3 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
legislative advisor two 6500 BRL
Foreman two 6500 BRL
First class attorney two 19770.19 Brazilian Real
writing agent two 3,150 Brazilian Real
Notification Agent two 3,150 Brazilian Real
Translator and translator Libras 1 3581 Brazilian Real
Work Safety Technician 1 3581 Brazilian Real
audiovisual technician two 3581 Brazilian Real
computer technician 3 3581 Brazilian Real
Information Technology (IT) Management Analyst two 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
Internal Control Analyst 1 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
Accounting Analyst two 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
archival analyzer 1 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
library analyzer 1 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
legal analyst 4 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
social media analyst two 5 thousand Brazilian riyals

At the moment, the competition is in the process of selecting the organizing bank. However, according to the Chamber, the public notification is still scheduled for this year.

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