Tips for buying a used iPhone 2022

Thinking of buying a used iOS smartphone? Check out the tips to buy a used iPhone safely and profitably.

iPhone smartphones are the most desired worldwide, due to the high-tech and high-quality features that it provides to its users. However, its cost is relatively high, being the most expensive mobile phone on the market. Therefore, many consumers end up searching for a used iPhone to buy.

Tips for buying a used iPhone 2022

Buying a used iPhone can be a great option as the cost will be lower, but for that you have to take some factors into consideration. To help you make your purchase safely, we have listed some details to keep in mind:

Consider buying a used iPhone from refurbished stores

You can buy a used, refurbished iPhone in some stores, as well as from stores of phone operators, which have attractive prices as long as you rent a plan. However, you should always read the minute details in the contract, ensuring that even if it has minor scratches, the device is working properly.

Remember that when canceling a prepaid plan, it is necessary to return the device or at least pay for it in order to use it as a prepaid cell phone.

Beware of online platforms

When searching for a used iPhone on market platforms, such as OLX, you should not pay upfront to avoid scams. Always check the device in person, so you can also assess whether it is in the conditions described in the advertisement.

Check the serial number

The first and most important step is to verify the authenticity of your iPhone. There are many modded iPhones in the market, we can easily be fooled by these copies, they even copy the iOS interface to the pixel.

Ask or retrieve the serial number of the iPhone used, you should go to Settings> General> Information. When you select the serial number, you will have the opportunity to copy it to search the history on the Apple website.

The serial number can be found in the phone settings. This will allow you to check the model, whether the phone is registered with Apple, and whether the warranty is still valid.

Check battery status

The used iPhone battery may be worn out or damaged. Fortunately, iOS 14 and iOS 15 offer a function that checks the battery status. It helps to know the capacity of the installed battery even when it is new. Below 85% Don’t worry unless your iPhone is very new. Obviously, this depends on the model and its release date.

Check the speaker, device lock, and camera status of the iPhone being used

We recommend that you take the time to check some items on your smartphone. So get your SIM and iCloud account and quickly set up your used iPhone.

Thus, you will check that the phone is off (make a call) and that some components are working fine: the front camera, the lock system (if the screen is changed without going through Apple, Face ID or Touch ID can be turned off), speakers, as well as the rear camera (Take pictures and check if the result is good). Also check the amount of storage.

These manipulations may take some time, but you are sure to purchase a working phone.

Clear the data and make sure that it is unlinked from the previous account

Checking the serial number is not enough. You should also check the lock status of your phone. In fact, the seller may have forgotten to unlink the iPhone from your Apple account, which will prevent you from using it. Additionally, you may encounter a stolen iPhone… In short, ask the seller to completely wipe the data by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase Content and Settings. Never buy a used iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that hasn’t been repaired.

Also ask the seller to unlink the device’s iCloud account. You can easily check if your iPhone is locked or not. This lock is automatically activated once the search feature is configured.

Apple stores your Apple ID on its activation servers and associates it with your device. Anyone wishing to disable Find My, re-enable and use their device or erase their data must enter their Apple ID password or device password.

To unlock, this happens from a web browser, ask the seller to contact with your Apple ID. At the top of the screen, tap All My Devices. Select the device to remove from your iCloud account. Click Erase [dispositivo]. Click Next until the device is erased. Finally, click on Remove from account.

Assessment of the need to buy

Depending on the model you want to buy, sometimes it’s not worth buying a used iPhone. You can access trusted stores like Fast Shop, which also offers a Fast Shop coupon for a discount on your purchases, Magazine Luiza, Amazon, among others.

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