The impact of technology on the betting and casino industry

Online casinos only exist thanks to the advancement of technology. The first online casino was published around 1994. In other words, there is almost 30 years of history of this tool that has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. Today, playing in an online casino is not just about entertainment but has become a profession with people making fortunes without leaving home just to play online.

During these nearly 30 years, online casinos have gone through many changes. Thanks to these changes they only grew. Nowadays, playing in an online casino is similar to playing in a land-based casino in Las Vegas, for example. The quality of some of these online casinos is quite impressive, making players comfortable to spend hours upon hours playing.

In 2022, there is no place for online casinos that do not invest in maximum quality to attract more players. The competition among online casinos is only increasing, since 1994 many sites have been launched. At the same time, the number of players is also increasing, which makes this business very profitable with space for everyone.

The countries with the largest number of online casino players are Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and the United States. All of these are developed countries with populations that have access to new technologies. In these countries, online casinos are accessed through desktop computers and smartphones.

Portugal also occupies a prominent place to become an important hub, as many Portuguese and Brazilians also play in Portuguese online casinos for entertainment and also for business. Despite being a small country, Portugal has a strong online casino industry.

Since the online casino sites were launched in 1994, they have changed a lot and keep pace with the advancement of technology. In 1994, these sites were pretty much a simple screen with some text messages and pictures. To use it it was necessary to click the bets and wait for the results in your favour.

In 2022 these sites are very different, even with a similar structure, they bring many unique elements, and with a different visual identity. There are many games available, including roulette. There are many features that make life easier for gamers.

There is no denying that online casino sites go hand in hand with the advancement of technologies, so to talk about their development, it is necessary to talk about the developments of the technologies they offer. Here is a list of some of these technologies:

Artificial intelligence

The Artificial intelligence It is one of the techniques that have been used in online casinos. It is mainly used to learn more about the player’s behaviour. With this data, online casinos can learn more about players and offer more resources to improve their experience within the sites. As we noted above, there are many sites available, so you have to give the best to the players so that they have a clear choice and spend more and more time playing.

digital payments

Today in developed countries practically 100% of transactions are done digitally and this is no different in Portugal. In Europe there are several ways to make digital payments, and online casinos are always adapting to them to offer players what they need to make deposits and withdrawals with complete safety and speed as well.

smart phones

Most of the online casino players use their smartphones to gamble, so the big online casino sites are investing a lot to create apps with as much play as possible. This is not an easy task because reducing the screen is large and also getting rid of the keyboard and mouse can affect the player’s agility. That’s why sites with the best apps come out on top.


Slot machines are one of the most important points of a land-based casino, or also known as slot machines. In this way, in online casinos, the islands should be as attractive as possible in order to attract players. These companies are investing heavily to create increasingly better regions, bringing different topics according to market trends. In addition, they always need to invest in new technologies to always keep them current.


you esports They promote online casinos, thanks to advances in technology, these sites have sports betting on the most diverse sports, including digital sports, such as: League of Legends, Fortnite, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Rocket League The Counter Strike: Global Attack.

Virtual Reality

Online casinos have an important mission of making players feel like they are in a land-based casino, so they invest in them Virtual Reality. This is an important tool to attract players, especially poker players. With virtual reality, players all over the world can have fun together as if they were at the same table.

In other words, all these elements: artificial intelligence, digital payments, smartphones, e-sports and virtual reality have their role in the development of online casinos. As these technologies evolve, so too are online casinos.

And what do you expect from the future?

The future of online casinos is streaming. These sites will increasingly seek to develop tools to connect players through live sessions, even with live dealers, that is, players will be in a real casino, but from the comfort of their homes. Another technology is clouds that will allow games to become increasingly heavy and realistic without becoming a burden to users. This is something that has been developed and promises to bring about major changes. Finally, use certain tools of the online casino world. These tools are studied and developed to provide solutions to online casino players.

The growth of online casino sites is just beginning. This is a relatively new industry with many years of life ahead. Technologies were a critical point of this growth. Today people can play in online casinos almost anywhere in the world due to the technologies. And now the trend is to make this access more comfortable for players, making them feel like they are in a real casino without leaving home.

The future of online casinos is promising and will go hand in hand with the development of technologies.

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