The 13 most important players of the Portuguese national football team

You know who are the 13 players on the Portuguese soccer team that Fernando Santos hasn’t given up on and who will, with high probability, defend the colors of Portugal in Qatar, in November.

Portuguese soccer team players

The national team, like all its peers, consists of 25 Portuguese players in the best shape at the moment. As such, in all calls, players leave and go in relation to previous calls due to form moments, injuries, penalties, and obstacles of other types.

However, all selections are formed from a group of players who are in the vast majority of the team’s concentrations, which, of course, are formed by the most regular and who are systematically in better shape.

This is the hard core of the Portuguese team that we will focus on in this article. Based on the opinion of Manuela Almeida Carvalho, a specialist in football betting tips, we are going to list the 13 most important players in our selection, which Fernando Santos does not give up when the matches are real and which you can bet on. Portugal.

Wonderful 13

  • 1 – Cristiano Ronaldo
  • #1 on this list, without a doubt. Undisputed and a standout player for nearly 20 years, Cristiano is the most visible player and goalscorer ever in the squad, as well as being, quite simply, the best Portuguese player of all time and five times considered the best in the world. You will continue to stay on this list for as long as you want to continue playing football.
  • 2 – Baby
  • As a mainstay of the national team and chief of defense since 2007, he has not missed a major international competition since then, being regularly considered one of the Portuguese football team’s best players in every tournament. At 38, he’s still stone and stone on the team and watching the World Cup in Qatar, where he’ll be there again for sure.
  • 3 – Joao Moutinho
  • Dean of the Portuguese midfield. With a tireless presence on the Quinas team since 2005, the Algarve midfielder has played for international matches over the past 17 years and has played a key role in the team’s success both on and off the field, serving as a mentor to new national talent in the position.
  • 4 – Robin Dias
  • It is no coincidence that he is the youngest on this list. Sponsored by Pepe in the center of the defence, he forms with him the best pair of Portuguese central defenders who go to the match quite often. He has an extraordinary maturity for his age and has not left the position since his debut in 2018, in a position where the selection was very fragile.
  • 5 – Roy Patricio
  • Owner and master of Portuguese networks since 2010 and a major player in the achievements of recent years. Of note is his exceptional performance throughout Euro 2016 and especially in the Paris final, where Griezmann’s defending head kick was immortalized in a statue in Leiria.
  • 6 – Bernardo Silva
  • The little genius of the 10th ranked national team has gained more space and influence in the team’s offensive maneuvering and is considered one of the best midfielders in the world. From the wings or from the center of the field, he is a key player for the undisputed Portuguese football team.
  • 7 – Joao Cancelo
  • Always in good shape and spinning high, Cancelo is, nowadays, one of the best defenders in the world. It combines extraordinary physical ability, remarkable artistic style, extraordinary positional intelligence and incredible versatility, which makes it indispensable to Fernando Santos.
  • 8 – Nuno Mendes
  • The youngest member of this group is here on his own merits. A patriotic revelation in 2020, it took over the place that year and is not expected to let it go unpunished for the next many years. A pure talent with all his career ahead of him. After a season at the highest level in Paris Saint-Germain, and for those who love good football betting tips, here is one: Nuno Mendes will be present at the 2022 World Cup.
  • 9 – Danilo Pereira
  • Danilo Pereira is a good place to work. With endless physical availability and a strong personality, he is a personal and versatile player, of immense utility and reliability for the Portuguese coach. Whether he is a midfielder or central defender, he is the right name for the Winter World Cup.
  • 10- Rafael Guerrero
  • Once a regular starter until the arrival of Nuno Mendes, he is an extraordinary player, and although he is overrun on the left side of defence, he is always called up and forms an essential part of the squad, allowing Fernando Santos to sleep peacefully on the floor. The left side of the team.
  • 11- Bruno Fernandez
  • Despite his Manchester United moment, Bruno Fernandes is one of the inescapable names of the Portuguese football team. A high-intensity midfielder, he still seems to have not found his natural space in the squad, despite always being on the team.
  • 12 – Diogo Jota
  • Given the prestige he has already achieved in the Premier League and the performances he presents with corners on his chest, he is undoubtedly one unmissable for the team. He is also looking for the best relationship with his teammates so that he can explode at the pace he is doing at Liverpool.
  • 13 – William Carvalho
  • Despite some hiatus, with steady declines in performance followed by brilliant peaks in form, William, however, is a tireless presence in the Portuguese football team at key decision moments and one of the captains of the national dressing room.

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