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Photo: Pedro Marconi – Grupo Fulha

Established at the end of the 1990s and with business since 2002, Tecnocentro (Economic Development Center) was officially inaugurated on Thursday (26th) at a gala gathering of many authorities, businessmen and leaders. The building has an area of ​​more than three thousand square meters and is located in the Francisco Ceará Technology Park on the eastern side.

The proposal is to make space a driver for Londrina to become a smart city. In addition, the center will be the headquarters of the innovation ecosystem, welcoming accelerators, companies, start-ups, and professionals working in the fields of technology and innovation.

According to the municipality, about 10% of London’s gross domestic product (GDP) comes from companies in the information technology (IT) field. “It is a place where the entire innovation and IT system meets: companies, startups, governmental and non-governmental organizations from Londrina and beyond. This makes this region even more powerful, turning Londrina into a national and global reference. Londrina’s new coffee cycle is the IT course,” he reckons. Mayor Marcello Bellinati.

The center will also be the headquarters of CTD (Technology and Development Corporation), with ten counties, and will house startups, incubators and accelerators. “The CTD owns the building and we have a Plan Seti (Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education of Paraná), the implementation of which will start from 1 June,” explained Luciano Cole, president of the company.

The inaugural event brought together political and business leaders
The inaugural event brought together political and business leaders

The inaugural event brought together political and business leaders

| Photo: Pedro Marconi – Grupo Folha


The management of Tecnocentro will be carried out by the OS (Social Organization), which brings together private and public entities. A project was sent to the city council to establish the organization. Among the institutions that make up the operating system is Sebrae (Brazilian Support Service for Small and Micro Enterprises). “This center is a huge attraction that complements the innovation ecosystem in Londrina. Cibrai, with all the governance work in every economic sector, will bring innovation actions here,” predicted Fabricio Bianchi, Regional Director of North Sibra.

At the opening ceremony, the Secretary of State for Urban Development and Public Works highlighted that Tecnocentro is part of a group of 18 technology centers designed by the state government. “Technology is everything. This year the world invested 6.8 trillion R$ in IT, smart. Either we adapt or we stay out of the house and lose the job market and revenue. Tecnocentro is a bold move for Londrina a center for innovation ”, listed Augustinho Zucchi .

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The construction of the space has been subject to several interruptions over the years, until 2015 the work stopped completely. And the services and the release of resources were not resumed until December 2019. The work was completed in September 2021, with a total investment of approximately R$5 million, between municipal and state resources, through Paranacidad.

“Any kind of company can establish itself in Tecnocentro, as long as it is related to technology and information. The benefit here is that it will be combined with many startups and accelerators, creating a technological and innovative environment. It is a fully equipped place and we are talking with many companies,” commented the President of Codel (Instituto). de Desenvolvimento de Londrina), Bruno Ubiratan, Soon we will have news of new companies and companies in IT coming here.

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