Technology: Tips to Ensure Safe Online Entertainment

Undoubtedly, technology greatly contributes to the expansion of the most diverse forms of entertainment, both in terms of content and the convenience of the services provided on the Internet. However, not everything is a wonder, as the new technological reality has also revealed some questions about the security of users.

Therefore, it is very important to discuss ways to keep users safe when it comes to digital entertainment tools. To do this, we will take for reference three popular segments of this sector: streaming platforms, sports betting sites and news sites.

broadcast platforms

Since the 1980s, with the boom of cable television, the audio-visual industry has not experienced such a drastic change in the form of remote consumption as it did with the introduction of the first broadcast platforms in the late 2000s.

Live broadcasts not only brought more convenience to the audience, but also opened up a range of content offerings. In many cases, through original products provided by the industry’s own platforms.

It is no coincidence that in recent years the number of downloads on streaming platforms has grown at a high rate. According to a market analysis study conducted by RankMyAPP, between 2019 and 2021, the number of downloads from audiovisual platforms increased by 300% in mobile app stores.

With this said, as the number of streaming applications has become expressive, user security has become more vulnerable, as some systems are not secure enough to keep customer information safe.

Therefore, to avoid any surprises in terms of online security on websites or streaming platforms, the ideal is to download applications that are already integrated in the audiovisual market and provide content about data protection, always in the official app stores.

Sports betting sites

A cultural tradition in many countries, sports betting dates back centuries. There are historical records, for example, of bets made on sporting events in ancient Rome, especially on horse races in the city’s Circus Maximus.

Naturally, this sector has adapted over the years to the demands of society until it has reached the present day, in the age of the Internet. Today, online sports betting covers a large part of the world, which in some way has helped increase the reach of this sector in recent years.

However, just like any other sector with customers registered in online systems, security is a very important factor for the credibility of companies. In order for a customer to verify that a particular sports betting website is secure, the customer should seek to see if the security mechanisms meet the required international standards, as well as check that customer support is there to answer questions.

news sites

One of the wonders of the Internet is the power of the speed of information, a fact that has contributed to the emergence of many blogs and journalism sites. In addition, this digital impact on news distribution has affected the sales of the world’s largest daily newspapers, which have increasingly invested in digital content.

However, in the same proportion that the world of instant information has contributed to the entertainment industry, a space has also been created for the dissemination of fake news, which often aims to lure users to collect personal data through malicious links.

In this way, serious press organizations began to play a very important role in the fight against fake news on the Internet, which contributed to building a better world in many respects.

Hence the importance of browsing news sites that are committed to the press at their core. In case of doubt about online protection, on websites that you access for the first time, it is useful to check if the platform has a lock icon in the browser’s electronic address bar. The presence of the lock means that the content contains valid and up-to-date security certificates.

Top tip for all sectors: Always keep your antivirus software up to date

In the same way that technological innovations are unleashed in the entertainment industry almost daily, threats in the forms of malware are frequently renewed in order to get personal data on users’ computers. In the fight against this threat, antivirus software releases constant updates to fight new viruses that become serious threats.

Moreover, it is necessary to note that the identification of malicious objects is based on the analysis of the signature file, a search method based on descriptions of threats included in the databases of antivirus applications, which increases the importance of antivirus, with updated updates.

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