Tech companies as they were before at Apprentice Barracks: Check out nine news stories that affect your investments today

Napoleon Bonaparte He was the great chief of Europe in the early nineteenth century. In 1806, ready to control every square inch of European soil, the French Emperor imposed the Continental Blockade.

According to this measure, all European kingdoms were forbidden to establish trade relations with England.

If someone refused to comply with the blockade, the solution was “simple”: Napoleon invaded the country with his army, established a buffer government and imposed this measure. Everything is very old and at the same time very modern.

But Dom Joao VI thinks he can evade the siege. While buying time with France, the King of Portugal made a back-and-forth agreement with England under which he would keep the ports of his largest colony, Brazil, open to English ships.

At the same time, it was planned to emigrate the entire Portuguese court to Brazil, which took place in 1808 and has no parallel in modern history.

Amid the stampede of the Portuguese court, General Junot, Napoleon’s right-hand man, had to lead the invasion of the Iberian state. Abrantes was one of the first towns on the Via Junot.

In the midst of this succession of historical events was the expression that gives a title to it the news.

The relatively calm way in which Junot, called the Duke of Abrantes, gained control of a runaway country honed Portuguese quirky humour. For those who asked how it was going, the answer was: “Everything is as before in the Abrantes Barracks.”

If nothing changes of course.

A little over 200 years later, the expression still continues. Let’s look at the state of the companies Technique. When the pandemic started, many people thought the sector would progress 5 years in 5 months.

One of those people was our columnist Richard Camargo. In Today’s Road to the Future, he explains how and why a number of technology companies, especially e-commerce companies, have made this prediction back.

To them, more than two years after the beginning of the epidemic, it was as if everything was as before in the Abrants Barracks.

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What do you want to know today

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Qandir’s new law? Chamber agrees to ICMS’s energy and fuel cap, but states and municipalities will be compensated. Compensation is made by relieving the debts of these entities with the Federation. The text still needs Senate approval.

Expedited schedule
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Possession in steps
Find out why the new President of Petrobras (PETR4) has to wait to take office. The government this week appointed Cayo Pais de Andrade to lead the state-owned company in place of Jose Mauro Ferreira Coelho, but the council vote will take a few weeks.

money times
Petrobras announces the sale of the Lubinur refinery in Ceará. Learn about the details of the millionaire’s work. Petrolera says the operation is in line with the portfolio management strategy and the best capital allocation.

Change in the menu
Under the new management: find out who will run Burger King and what challenges lie ahead. Iori Miranda, the CEO who helped structure the network in Brazil, must leave the leadership and begin filling a vacant position on the board.

Final Street Infrared 2022
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