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Inspired by the modernist work of Lopevar de Barros Matos, of Corumba, who called himself “Unknown”, but was recognized decades after his death in 1947, the Saroba Cultural Movement – the name of his book that depicts “Black Spot in Whiter City” In the world ”- the poet’s homeland arrives with the Festival América do Sol Pantanal in 2022, at the street party soiree of Teatro Imaginario Maracangalha.

The Artistic Multilingual Event took place between noon and evening Wednesday (25) in the vicinity of Old Sarupa, a former black slave district of the early twentieth century portrayed by Lopevar Matos in 30 poems that opened above the discrimination, abandonment, misery and immorality they experienced on the margins of society. Today, the neighborhood integrates the urban landscape of the city, and is called Borrowisk – however, it is still considered the “hot mouth”.

Street dancing, with groups from Kurumba, was one of the highlights of Sarupa’s performance in the riverside community. Photo: Muriel Xavier

“We are here to think of this place and the people, with a different look, to save memory, bars, old stories, parties and orgies, dialogues and portray an unspeakable energy as meeting points,” says Fernando Cruz, 58. The dramatic show, which was born in Campo Grande 15 years ago, and for the first time is performed in Corumba – “The White City”, which the poet refers to in his metaphors.

circus. Forum: Muriel Xavier

It was a cursed mouth

With two awards from Funarte for his contribution to culture, Teatro Imaginário Maracangalha aims to remove the poet from Corumba from anonymity, and highlight a work highlighted in a historiography by Manuel Bandera at the Rio de Janeiro Press. The group consists of actors and producers of art and culture and develops continuous research procedures, assemblies and public presentations that unite circus, cinema, fashion, gastronomy, street dance and theatre.

“Sarobá Boca do Mundo”, one of the highlights of Wednesday’s FASP 2022 programme, lasted more than ten hours and was held in a bohemian setting, surrounded by bars, a traditional open-air market, and next to a viewpoint, where you can contemplate the Paraguay River and the Pantanal. It consists of three districts – Beira-Rio (or Peixeirada), Fortaleza (where there was a fortress from the Paraguayan War) and Borrowisk, which is still famous for being news in the police chronicle.

Mobile Evening: Presentation of the Imaginario Maracangalha Theater. Photo: Crazy Cow

The hustle and bustle of the place attracted the attention of residents, who took to the sidewalks or gathered in front of bars, where beer was the preferred drink. Odival Rodríguez Arruda, former owner of Boca Maldeta Bar, now Domingo Pantaneiro, was born on the banks of the river 57 years ago and witnessed the marginal and urbanizing aspect of the forgotten region depicted in the poetry of Lopevar Matos. “The gang is over,” he asserts. “We live in peace here.”

The poet is not dead

The show between Avenida General Rondon and Roa Ladario also paid tribute to two cultural activists from Kurumba: Bianca Machado, who led the Boemia cultural movement for 25 years, and Marilyn Morao, also known as Peninha. Bianca directed and combined a theater show – Crônica de Vênus – and also performed with Companhia Maria Mole, who has been active for 26 years. “The poet is not dead, he took to the street and he is the modernist,” he rattles.

Companhia Maria Mole, owned by activist Bianca Machado, paid homage to Sarupa, performing with the Crônica de Vênus. Photo: Muriel Xavier

Groups from Corumba Cotidiano Difícil and Poetas do Morro also participated in the party, encouraging the audience to dance the streets in style and engage with social issues in the best of hip-hop. Another attraction is the sorcery and balance show of the Rio de Janeiro couple Goga Morales and Manu Montes. “We are very excited about this opportunity,” says Goga, whose father Agostino served in the Navy for Ladario 50 years ago.

The South American Pantanal Festival, in its sixteenth edition, is promoted by the state government, through the Culture Foundation. With an extensive cultural program in Corumbá and Ladário and in Bolivian cities such as Puerto Quijaro and Puerto Suarez, located on the border, the event runs until May 29. There are 118 activities, 25 workshops, and attractions from more than 11 artistic fields, Governor Reinaldo Azambuga announced when he launched the FASP on May 10.

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Cover Photo: Crazy Cow

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