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Imagine a global competition in professional skills that puts the most qualified professionals in 63 fields on the map, and thus the reference institutions that trained them? This is WorldSkills, the world’s largest technical-level vocational education competition that brings together, every two years, students from more than 60 countries, which is scheduled to be held in 2022 in Shanghai, China.

Here in Brazil, more precisely in Paraná, more than 20 students from Sinai were qualified for the national stage, which took place between January and March, and many of them won the gold medal. And when it comes to cloud computing, the competitor is called Thiago Rocha de Araujo and comes from Londrina (PR), a city where Sinai has developed a quality scenario that has made the organization a reference in ICT. (Information and Communication Technology).

For Victor Cunha, director of education and business at Senai Regional Norte, that achievement came three years ago, when they took home a silver medal in the WorldSkills Cloud Computing Method. This was one of the indicators that showed the quality and ability of the professionals trained here. Before and after that, we got other excellent results. For the second time in a row, we were the local champions in the Cloud Computing category and won Samsung Skills, the global Samsung competition with real challenges related to the technology field.”he remembers.

While Victor points out that three other students are already preparing to compete in the national stage of WorldSkills 2024, to be held in Lyon, France, Victor tells us more about the significance of these events for Senai. “Achievements demonstrate in a tangible way the quality of education we provide to each of our students in the process of training persons with qualified labor to work in the labor market. The assessments made in the competition are of the highest standard and results like this show how well a professional is qualified to perform this role”.

How are WorldSkills participants evaluated?

Senai Londrina instructor and expert Global Skills coach, Gabriel de Oliveira Galdino, explains it. “We build the projects used in the competition based on industry standards and how they are used in the market, while also considering the best solution for each scenario. A student who achieves or exceeds these indicators is seen as an excellent competitor”.

How to prepare a student at Senai Londrina for competition

“We are looking for competitors who have the will to win and who are fighting for it. Then we show them that they can win and be on top of the podium. For that, we went into the technical and emotional part of the training. The training lasts at least eight hours a day and includes support psychologically when necessary to combine better performance with good emotional health”Gabriel details.

Who has the property to speak of is Thiago, who has been recognized by WorldSkills 2022 as the best technical-level Brazilian professional in the Cloud Computing category. A DevOps engineer at fintech in Britain, he has devoted himself to the world of cloud computing for three and a half years. Thiago first participated in the a la carte, which was held in June 2019, and has emerged. “I had a consistent study routine, six to ten hours a day, and Senai plays a very important role in this process. It was the place where I learned everything I know today, where I received full support in training and, above all, complete confidence in my potential” .the account.

About the national tests, Thiago says it was an incredible, challenging experience to provide a flexible, secure and well-designed infrastructure in just one hour. “After this period, simulations of thousands of customers started accessing an online service. And if it wasn’t enough, the competitors lost points. And I think what set us apart, in relation to the other competitors, was the interpretation of the test, when we started the studies six months before the state stage. We were able to define the workflow very well to understand and solve the problem.”.

How to start a successful ICT journey

According to Victor Cunha, anyone with no prior knowledge can start technical courses through Senai. After all, the curriculum starts from basic to advanced and lasts from one and a half to two years. “They fully train the students. The institution’s methodology is strong in practice. With this, in the end, the student knows how to carry out the developed activities “.

He reinforces Gabriel with a good example. “When Thiago started the process, he had no knowledge of cloud computing. He trained to the point of being the best in Brazil and champion of Samsung Skills against professionals from countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, Japan and Korea”.

Companies are increasingly looking to cloud computing

Cloud computing is still a recent topic, but it has matured rapidly. Companies of all sizes are gradually looking to technology as an alternative to reduce costs and increase gains in scale. “Cloud computing is an area that offers many opportunities for people savvy in technology. We have professionals who work specifically with cloud infrastructure, others work with rapid development processes, so-called developers, scalable processes within the cloud, and other aspects such as cloud infrastructure security, Operational cost analysis and many sub-areas”explains Thiago.

According to data from the General Register of Employees and the Unemployed (CAGED), Paraná ranks fifth in the ranking in terms of the employment of professionals in the ICT sector, with 6,646 new vacancies created in 2021, behind the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Santa. Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. With regard to gender, the ICT sector employed more men (3,499) than women (3,147).

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Londrina is the third city in the state that generated the most ICT vacancies, after only Curitiba and Maringa. New employees are mostly young professionals between the ages of 18 and 24 (3214), followed by professionals between the ages of 25 and 29 (1500) and 30 to 39 (1192).

Senai Londrina as a reference in ICT

The institution has a history of medals in competition. “In 2018, for example, we were national champions in structured cable networks and cloud computing. In addition to winning other competitions, such as the Senai Enterprise Integration Challenge, in which we won national and government awards”Victor List.

To be a part of this market, professionals can start their training from technical courses in the areas of 4.0 systems development, computer networking, as well as wildcards computer technician and internet computer technician. The complete list of courses offered by Senai Paraná for the IT area is available on the website:

Find out more about what senai Offers for training professionals here.

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