Ristic promises to work at Benfica: “I am very ambitious. I came to win, not to play »- Benfica

Announced in the middle of the afternoon as a new promotion, Mihailo Ristic is already speaking to Benfica. For BTV, the Serbia international made Roger Schmidt’s words his own – the coach said on his arrival ‘If you love football, you love Benfica’ – he revealed that he does not come “to play” and also stated that he considers it to fit the style of the Logo of the Light game.

Ristic and Roy Costa


Ristic became an official at Benfica

“Of course I know a lot about the club. It’s definitely one of the biggest teams in Europe. It’s a dream come true to play for a team like Benfica. I couldn’t be happier and prouder. I’m looking forward to the next. Challenge,” the left-back began, third confirmed the Al-Nusour signing After Petar Moses and Schmidt.

On his reasons for choosing Benfica, the player, who signed for four seasons, explained that there are many, including the fact that Rui Pedro Braz traveled to the French capital to meet Ristic. “Many things made me choose Benfica. First, the greatness of the club and its ambitions, but also the fact that the club was very clear about its intentions. The ambitions of the club and my own ambitions align. The first moment was not a difficult decision moment for me. I am very confident of that from the first moment we are on the same Sports Director’s Page [Rui Pedro Braz] She went to Paris to meet me and that says a lot. “Thank you for everything and now we are here,” said the 26-year-old.

Ristic will face a new reality, which means not only a new coach, but also a new city and a new challenge. The new reinforcements said: “The coach said: ‘If you love football, you love Benfica. I am one hundred percent sure that we will be together in this idea and that this sentence will carry on with us. I am sure of that.'” , also sharing his first impression of the club: “As I said to the sporting director in recent days, this was a position I was looking for. From a football perspective, I know that the pressure and ambition you face at the club have an impact on the fans and the culture that I missed feeling this way. I am very ambitious. And those things that Benfica can offer are what I really needed. I came here to win, I didn’t come here to play. I am 100% sure we will have a great time together. I look forward to the challenges ahead. Can’t wait.”

As for the attacking style that the defenders need to match Benfica’s style of play, Ristic fired without hesitation: “It’s my style. I’m sure there won’t be any problem. I said, I came here to win. I think everything will go as I wish.” to happen “.

In addition to being considered well fit, the Serb also admitted that he is living in very happy times. “This may be the most important day of my life. This step can be decisive. [na minha carreira]. At the moment being in a giant like Benfica can change a lot, I think. Mainly in terms of football, as in the national team. Everything is fine so far. Let’s see what the future holds. I am optimistic.”

The new promotion for the Reds also commented on the tradition of Club da Luz, revealing that “that feeling” was not present in the clubs he passed through. “Since arriving here, I’ve seen how much the club affects people. It was the feeling that I didn’t have at my previous clubs and that I missed. I can’t wait to feel all this, to feel the energy, especially on the field. I look forward to it. I am passionate. Football, In a way, my manic. I think all of this here will come to another level with everything that is happening around this club.. I’m very optimistic about that,” he concluded.

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