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For those who already have or plan to have a pet, Certain modifications or equipment can make daily life easier with the puppy or kitten in the home or apartment. the odds Escaped From the animal must be removed and the items that may represent health risks Pets should be taken out of their reach, such as hygiene and cleaning products, sharp or sharp objects, and plants that can be toxic to animals. In addition to safety care, animals also need materials for basic needs, such as a drinker, a feeder, a “bath” and enough space.


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In the beginning, for both dogs and cats, possibilities animal escape It must be evaluated by the teacher. When looking for places that are easy to pass, the next step should be to close the place or use it permanently protection net So that the pet does not run away.

in apartments Height must be looked at more carefully. Windows that are not protected by screens can make it possible for an escape attempt or even an animal’s curiosity to look outside only to end up in an accident. Installing screens is the easiest way for cats to adapt, but owners of dogs with easy access to windows should also be careful to place protective gear in places so that the animal does not fall out of the apartment.

In homes, with newly arrived animals, an adaptation period is needed to observe the teacher during the pet’s time in the outdoor area. Monitoring works both to see if the animal intends to escape through a wall or fence and to make it feel less alone and safer next to the teacher. Cats are more likely to escape from the outdoors, as they can easily climb the structure around the house. To facilitate observation, the teacher can put a collar on the animal.

If the animal has lived in the house for at least a few months, and is already used to being outside, then there is no need to close the windows. But it is interesting that the teacher put a Identification collar on the animal, so that in the event of intermittent escape it can be identified and returned more easily. For these animals, who are already roaming the backyard, an access hatch can help the pet move around without having to keep the house front door or window open all the time.

at The holes can also be used indoors, in places where you need to keep the door closed and within reach of pets at the same time. Dogs and cats that frequent their teachers’ room using air conditioners, for example, can have a door in and leave the space without disturbing the teacher’s sleep or distracting the temperature of the environment.

basic needs

Dalmatian drinking water

With safety guaranteed, it’s time to ensure the basics of your pet’s needs: Fountain for drinking, nutritious, and place for feces and urine.

In general, dog owners choose to take the animal for a walk when the pet needs to “go to the bathroom,” but there are also items on the market that the animal can use indoors. It’s easiest to use sanitary mats when urinating on your dog, but some mimic the texture of the grass so the animal can also defecate as if it’s on a walk. Animals must be taught how to use the item.

For cats, a litter box is best suited to their needs. In terms of quantity, it is recommended to use one litter box more than the total number of cats in the environment. The box should fit the animal loosely and should be so high that it prevents the cat from throwing sand out, as cats cover their excrement and urine with sand. Cats usually learn to use the litter box alone or without many problems for the owner.

Also necessary items for pet hygiene include a brush to remove dead hair and materials for brushing the teeth. Bathing material is more suitable for dogs, as cats bathe more vigorously and more often on their own. The dog bath package contains: shampoo, conditioner and special towel

Greater comfort

Kittens in the cat bed

To provide more comfort to the animal, the teacher can also purchase homes, beds, and toys as desired.

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