Police will investigate possible rape against a 13-year-old pregnant woman who had a risky birth after being denied care in SP | Santos and the region

The police authority, who declined to be named in the article, explained that before the age of 14, violence is presumed in any sexual relationship. For this reason, the investigation of the case will also have this bias.

However, the delegate says that he cannot say that the case is the rape of a weak person, because, according to him, it is necessary first to find out who is the father of the child – whose identity and age have not been revealed (Read more below).

Once you know the author [pai do bebê]We may start a police investigation to investigate the rape of a vulnerable person against her.”contexts. There is no set date for the completion of the protocol.

to me g 1The delegate clarified that contact with the teenage girl, as she is a minor, is done through the guardianship council. So the police should contact the agency “to be able to refer her for a medical examination”. Only then is a referral for private listening, which is carried out by specialized psychologists from the city council.

Report contact the municipality AbyeiWho runs the hospital, Dr. Adhemar de Barros, but until the last update of this article, there was no response to the issue.

A teenager was unconscious for five days and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit – Photo: personal archive

The delegate says that “there is an investigation underway, and now the case of rape of a vulnerable person will be added, which must also be investigated, in addition to the alleged failure to provide assistance in the hospital.”

about the hospital, The police authority was ordered to provide information on the case and approved administrative procedures. The police health unit has yet to respond..

Accompanied by her mother, the pregnant woman sought medical care at Dr. Hospital. Adhemar de Barros when feeling malaise, nausea and vomiting. According to the family, the patient was “humiliated” during the examination and was told that she should seek a diagnosis elsewhere, as the unit “is not a place to provide prenatal care.”

weak rape x crime

It is not yet known who is the father of the child, nor his age, but if he is of legal age, even with the consent of the victim, the crime of raping a vulnerable person is not excluded, as attorney Thiago Garcia explains, based on the decisions. Supreme Court of Justice (STJ).

It reinforces the point based on Special N.’s Repeated Appeals Judgment. 1,480,881 / PI, according to which the thesis was created “To describe the expected crime of rape of a vulnerable person in art. 217-a Head of the Penal Code. It is sufficient for the agent to have intercourse or engage in any obscene act with a person under the age of 14. The consent of the victim or any previous sexual experience or the existence of a romantic relationship between the perpetrator and the victim does not exclude the occurrence of the crime.”

However, if the child’s father smallThe relationship was consensual, without a history of violence and without trauma, The state courts applied the “Romeo and Juliet exception,” and the case could be treated as a misdemeanor.

“In this case [exemplo acima], there is little difference in age between the participants. It is often understood that imposing any socio-educational measure on the defendant is inappropriate and unnecessary. In other words, although the truth formally fits into the typical figure of a breach equivalent to the felony of raping a vulnerable person, Keep in mind that the adolescent and the victim differ slightly in age. This detail puts them in close proximity in terms of physical and psychological development.Garcia asserts.

After a seizure, a young woman had to undergo an emergency labor – Photo: personal archive

The family says that although she was feeling ill, the young woman initially did not receive hospital care, although there has been no official confirmation of her pregnancy. The family was unaware of the pregnancy, as the young woman had omitted the information for fear of the family’s reaction.

Without medical care, the teen and her mother went to a private lab to get the young lady’s blood tested, to see if the upset diagnosis might be due to pregnancy.

After the combination, the two went home and waited for the exam results. But, after 1:30, the teenager fell ill again, convulsed and had to return to Dr.’s clinic. Adhemar de Barros.

As the condition worsened, the young woman needed to urgently be taken to a room where an emergency caesarean section was performed. After giving birth, I stayed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for five days.

The family claims that it is “outraged” and defends its unwillingness to repeat a similar situation to other people, “because life is no joke.” The case was registered at the Abyei Police Station.

Dr. Hospital Adhemar de Barros – Photo: Reproduction / Apiaí Charity

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