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According to the military police, the team was called to the victims’ home late on Tuesday morning (24), after neighbors smelled gas in the area.

At that moment, Natanel de Lima announces to the authorities that he is keeping his daughters handcuffed inside the house, and threatens to blow up the house with a lighter if anyone approaches.

The incident mobilized the Military Police, Civil Police, SAMO, the Fire Department and the Special Tactical Action Group (GATE) for hours. However, civil police believe Natalie Helua and Natanelli Vittoria were actually dead when the two teams were called.

“For all the impression we have of the crime scene and witness reports, we believe the killings of these children occurred between 10 am and 11 am. And all this time it was just his scene, the threat of gas, saying if delegate Camila Rosa Alves was alive and all.”

Tacuaritoba City Council issues three days of mourning after the deaths of the children

Tacuaritoba City Council issues three days of mourning after the deaths of the children

In an interview with TV has, Capt. Pablo Sousa, of the Military Police, also commented on Nathanael’s “staging”. He said that during the operation, the man had no evidence that the two girls were alive.

“We asked him how the children were and he said, at first, they were sleeping. Then, they woke up. I asked him if they had been fed, and if he had given her water, and he said he did,” the captain reports.

“Then he stopped talking to us, and the impression he made was that he went to where the children were and started some kind of conversation with them, where he served food, but we couldn’t hear their voices,” he continues.

Facade of the house where the crime took place in Tacuaritoba (SP) – Photo: Francine Galdino/TVTEM

In the late afternoon, the prime minister reported that he had taken advantage of a breach in negotiations to enter the house. The GATE device has already detected that the two children are in the house, but they are not moving.

In addition, the teams had to wait for the gas concentration in the house to drop to break into the space and avoid an explosion.

According to the Military Police, Nathanael was armed with a knife, but the difference was immobilized with rubber bullets and a stun device. The two girls were found dead inside a room with cuts to their necks.

On the day of the operation, Nathanael de Lima was caught red-handed with a double murder. On Wednesday (25th), he was made preventive arrest by order of the justice and transferred to the Provisional Detention Center (CDP) in Cerqueira Cesar.

In a civil police testimony, the man told the delegate that he did not remember the children. Police also said he had no history of psychosis and that the possibility that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crime has been ruled out.

“I was very shocked by his reaction. I showed him the picture of the girls and he said he doesn’t know these kids, he doesn’t have kids, he doesn’t have an ex-wife and he wasn’t. To Taquarituba. His last memory was that he was working in the fields,” explains the delegate.

Relationship with the ex-wife

According to the civil police, the parents of the two girls separated, but the man spent Monday night (23) at the home of his former partner, in Jardim Santa Rita.

On Tuesday morning (24), the woman left for work and one of her daughters, the suspect’s daughter, went to school. According to the prime minister, the two youngest children will be with a nanny, but the father of the two girls dismissed the caregiver and began to keep the two daughters in a special prison.

Father killed two daughters in Taquarituba (SP) – Photo: Personal Archive

According to the delegate, before committing the crime, Nathanael asked his ex-wife not to go to work. Therefore, the police are investigating whether the man planned to kill the children’s mother.

According to the Civil Police, Nathaniel had a history of domestic violence committed against his ex-wife in Chavantes in 2017. Despite the registration, the couple remained together and were only nine months apart.

Police also stated that Nathanael was already married to another woman and no longer had a romantic relationship with the victims’ mother.

The day before the crime, the man even tried to resume the relationship with his ex-wife, but the police said that the conversation was friendly and that the father in general maintained a good relationship with the family.

“The children had a lot of affection for him. One of the aunts even told us that, on Monday, when he was at the children’s house, the ‘little girl’ was on his lap the whole time. It was a very emotional affair, there he wasn’t violent with the kids.”

The deaths of two girls, Natalie Helua and Natanelli Vitoria, shocked the residents of Tacuaritoba, a city in the interior of São Paulo with a population of 23,000.

With white balloons and web posts, the community says goodbye to the girls killed by their father in Taquarituba – Photo: TV TEM / Reproduction

The school where the children studied was suspended on Wednesday (25) and its residents filled the front of the house where the crime took place with roses and white balloons.

Many residents shared, via social media, their personal photos in honor of the victims, and the city council declared three days of official mourning.

Parents share profile pictures in honor of the victims in Taquarituba – Photo: Facebook / clone

And while the bodies of the girls were being taken out of the house where the crime took place, the neighbors who were following the incident prayed. (see video below).

The girls’ mother also praised her daughters on Facebook. They were buried in Chavantes (SP).

Residents pray while exhuming the bodies of sisters killed by their father in Taquarituba

Residents pray while exhuming the bodies of sisters killed by their father in Taquarituba

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