Paulo Ottavio and Andrej Kubitschek – father and son, to honor the legacy of JK

Written by Orlando Pontes / Brasilia Capital

Paulo Octavio Pereira, 72, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brasilia. André Octavio Kubstchek, 29, is the youngest PO with Anna Christina, granddaughter of Juscelino, the city’s founder.
A seasoned politician — who was a federal representative, senator, deputy governor, and 15-day governor — PO plans to run for Senate in this year’s election. The AKP will contest a proportional seat – a federal or local representative. Both are affiliated with the PSD.
In this interview they talked about their love for the city JK created and their flags trying to get their states elected.
André took financial management courses abroad and graduated in law from UniCeub – he recently obtained a registration with the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB). Although he is the heir to an “empire”, he says he is willing to adopt politics to honor his family’s history, especially his great-grandfather.
“I see it as a challenge and something I see that I will be able, in a way, to try to transform and improve the quality of people’s lives, encourage entrepreneurs and work. Only by participating in politics will we be able to augment, help, transform and develop the various aspects of daily life, including the business sector” .

You practically have a ticket ready for the October elections at home. He would be a Senator, Lieutenant Governor, and Deputy. How is this family conversation going?
PO – The family has a great commitment to the city, and a historical commitment to preserving Brasília, with the ideals implemented by the government of Juscelino. We have a commitment to the founder and the republican ideals of the time. From a time when Brazil has grown a lot. Anna Cristina is the president of the JK Memorial, one of Brasilia’s most visited and appreciated monuments. We have been trying to work in Brasilia. I arrived here in 1962 and have spent my whole life here. I have been working in and around Brasilia for the past 60 years. As a businessman, I have never made investments outside of Brasilia. We have always promoted the development of all cities. I was the first entrepreneur built in Samambaia, in Taguatinga, in Ceilândia, in Guará… We have a sense of leadership. I’ve always been in Layers Entities. I was in the trade association, founded Ademi and currently head the company Lide – Líderes Empresariais, always looking for convergence of the productive sector, dialogue with governments. She has been married for 32 years to Anna Christina, the granddaughter of the founder and has a huge commitment to the city. I have two children with her – Andre and Philippe – and two from my first marriage. Over time, I noticed that Andre was a ready-made young man who had a great interest in Brasilia. Philip, the eldest, is very interested in business life and does not have a political career. But from an early age we felt that Andrei had a political streak. It is a wonderful and detailed complex. With spontaneous and free will, he takes the first steps in a journey that involves great responsibility. It is not easy to mention the name of the founder of Brasilia in the elections. But I think he can contribute a lot to the city.

Andrei, after this offer made by your father, one of the most important businessmen in our city, how do you intend to take on this responsibility?
AK – My intention to get into politics is really from the heart. I always say I love this city unconditionally, and I have an important first and last name, which I must respect. I take responsibility for continuing that legacy, which was Kubitschek for Brazil and Brasilia. I see it as a challenge and something I see that I will be able to, in a way, try to transform and improve people’s quality of life, encourage entrepreneurs and work. It will be my first policy steps towards improving our society.

Paolo, as a father and an important businessman in the city, what would you advise your son in politics?
PO – The life of a politician is a life of sacrifice, self-denial and perseverance. It is a life to understand the hardships of the poorest classes, and to live with the people who experience these hardships. She is trying to help people and improve the city. So I think that the politician is no longer the same and becomes the tool of social and economic development. It is the politician who seeks this development. It is the carrier, who leads. The great changes in the world were made by politicians, with good minds they envisioned great projects that would improve people’s lives. In our case, had it not been for Andrei’s grandfather’s perseverance, we wouldn’t be here. I’m from the south of Minas Gerais and probably live in the countryside. If Brasilia didn’t exist, all those three million people who live here today wouldn’t be here. So it was JK’s perseverance and determination that made it all possible. When I was the most-voted federal representative in 1990, I had a huge influence in the Rules government. My mother-in-law, Marcia, was Andrei’s grandmother, the deputy governor. It was a period when so much was accomplished. We started building new cities – Sammbaya, Paranoa and Santa Maria – that make life in Brasilia today better for everyone. If this were not the case, today we would have an uninhabitable city. In 1991, she helped get BNDES funds to build the subway. We received heavy criticism. And it was an important political movement at the time, with the support of my mother-in-law, with the support of Rories, with my support and the support of the seat in order to move the city forward and remove that little idea. That Brasilia cannot grow, it must be reduced to Plano Pilotto. There was a natural progression. There was growth. Brasilia became a hub that radiated wealth across the entire Midwest. This is an artificial city of Brazil, which brings together all the Brazilian sides. Brazil meets in Brasilia.

Andre, following these directions from your father, it is clear that you would rather be Kubitschek than Octavio – a politician than a businessman. Are you really willing to go to that sacrifice?
K – Yes, because I see the importance of politics. As much as we have a good business base, politics, whether we like it or not, moves mountains. Politics is important for economic and social development. And those who do not actively participate in politics end up being ruled by those who love it and those who love it. This worries me, because I see that not everyone has good intentions. So, if we leave it in the hands of people who do not have good intentions, and want to benefit themselves, we can lag economically and socially. Only by participating in politics will we be able to augment, help, transform and develop the various aspects of daily life, including the business sector.

Paolo, I have always been a moderately focused politician. She is close to Governor Ibanes. How do you imagine the campaign with this polarization in the country between Lula and Bolsonaro? How will Ibaneis position himself?
PO – I see we’ll have a lot of feelings until July 30, the deadline for party conventions. anything could happen. In the last elections there was a radical change with the withdrawal of Firat. In this, today we support Governor Ibanez, who has a fruitful administration. Good management in both business and social responsibility, which was the topic of discussion I had at Lide last week. In my opinion, after the pandemic we will go through a new global economic order, where we should worry about the people most in need. No use developing countries and leaving the population on the sidelines. So society is, and must become, a concern for me, Andrei, a worry for the future, because it is useless for me to live in a city with 300,000 unemployed people, where the problem and violence will increase, the social issue will increase. There is no point in living in a city where we may have problems in the future. Social responsibility is the theme of the great future, and you must pass through this election. Everyone, not just the government, should care about it. Social responsibility comes from every citizen, from every micro, medium, small and large entrepreneur. I can only think of myself. I must think that around me is a world full of people who need more attention.

Andrei, how are you going to try to get people to go to the polls on October 3 to vote for you?
AK: I think we are living in a very turbulent and politically insecure moment. It is time for change and renewal. This is my intention. By doing that, I’m, in a way, or in a new way, as I mentioned, I’m getting out of my comfort zone, out of my company, where I work, and where I live. I have a certain responsibility towards this city. Here I grew up, here I studied, I made my friends. Here I graduated, I became a professional. I love this city unconditionally. My only desire is to see it grow and develop in an orderly manner. I want to do politics with intelligence, to improve people’s quality of life in all social and economic aspects.

Paulo, Andre said, Brazil is going through a moment of turmoil. How can the PSD contribute to simplifying the many rough edges in national politics today?
POBox: The Public Security Directorate tried to launch an alternative in the election of the President of the Republic. We initially supported Rodrigo Pacheco, but he ended up preferring to carry out his mission as President of the Federal Senate. Then the possibility was raised of the former governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite. But it didn’t work either. So the definition of a party is to liberate countries so that each country follows the most appropriate path. We are democratically free to support the Third Way candidate, Lula, or Bolsonaro. The party will worry about electing representatives, senators and governors. The issue of the presidency will be decided at the National Conference next July.

Andrei, have you drawn up a business plan? What are your suggestions to improve people’s quality of life?
AK – I think it’s important for people to become professional. So promoting professional courses is something I really like to do. Education is the foundation of any society. I see that this will greatly increase our entrepreneurship, our generation of jobs. People need this and I see this as something that we lack today. I will also defend flags such as sports, they are fundamental to health, so that people do not remain idle, especially children and adolescents. In this case, they often end up making the wrong decisions. So I am an advocate of sports. I am also an environmental advocate. I think it is always important to conserve the environment, because it is a heritage that could one day perish. We must always value and protect the environment.

Paulo, in Brasilia, should the PSD’s path be to support Ibañes’ re-election?
PO – in principle, yes. I am a candidate for the Senate. Andre determines whether to leave for a federal deputy or a provincial deputy. We carefully consider what is best for him, the party and the city. We fix things. We don’t have a closed case yet. We are talking to the people who have walked with me in public life for more than 30 years to see the best path he can take in this election.

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