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Student assistance coordination extends working hours

The Student Aid Coordination (CoAEs/Prae/UFSC) has extended opening hours. The sector began allowing appointments from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., without a lunch break. It should be noted that all face-to-face services are performed by prior appointment only. Appointments must be booked through the Electronic Scheduling System (SAEP). on this link. This measure is necessary in view of the health safety of students and workers in the sector. The district asks the student not to bring an escort unless there is a specific need. Mask use is mandatory. CoAEs also continue to respond to communications made through the Enterprise Services Portal (PAI).


An initiative with the participation of LabTrans trains 180 teachers in the month of yellow May

The Rede Vida no Trânsito initiative, together with the Transport and Logistics Laboratory (LabTrans) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), with the support of the Florianópolis Municipality Department of Education, trained 180 teachers from the municipal network. The first phase of the DNIT delivery educational procedure was completed in the second week of May. In the first phase of the campaign, five training sessions were held on the topic of traffic education and the DNIT communication program. Continue reading >>.

Student selection for scholarships and volunteers at PET Conexões de Saberes

The Conexões de Saberes-Comunidades Populares Urbanas (PET) Program provides public notice for the selection of scholarship holders, with registration open until May 27, 2021. More information: Public Notice-01/2022-SeleçãoEstudantes-PET-CS; Registration form or by email to


Publication of the notice of selection of the remaining vacancies for PhD scholarships abroad

The Dean of Postgraduate Studies (PROPG/UFSC) has posted notices of the remaining vacancies for the PhD Sandwich Scholarships Abroad from the CAPES PrInt Institutional Internationalization Program. Registration is free and open until today September 16, 2022. Students who are regularly enrolled in PrInt-linked postgraduate programs can participate. Applications must be submitted using the online form available at this link. The beginning of the validity period for these scholarships must be between January and March 2023. More information on the PROPG page or by emailing

Environmental science graduate opens PhD selection process

On Wednesday, May 25, the Graduate Program in Ecology began the doctoral selection process, with applications submitted online through June 27. Up to seven vacancies will be filled, with the course beginning in August 2022. The selection process, in addition to a written test, includes a curriculum analysis and research project. Notice available here. More information at

Oceanography graduate opens selection process

The UFSC Postgraduate Program in Oceanography has notice of an open selection process for admission in the second half of 2022. Interested candidates should read Notice and registration on the site. Applications are open until August 9. The selection will consist of two phases: an exclusion phase, evaluation of the pre-research project, and a qualifying one, evaluation of the oral argument of the pre-research and memorial project. Continue reading >>.


The Campus Araranguá study indicates the possibility of applying specialized physiotherapy in the recovery period after infection with the Covid virus

The post-Covid rehabilitation project “RE2SCUE”, which was developed at the UFSC campus in Araranguá, allowed researchers to note a reduction in anxiety symptoms and an improvement in the functions of those who have contracted the virus. Research conducted by the Exercise Biology Laboratory (LaBioEx) has already treated more than 100 patients and will now enter a new phase, in which methods of supplement response to exercise, such as caffeine and cannabis, will be studied. Continue reading >>.

UFSC Environment Week science fair selects business

The selection process is open for participation in the UFSC Environment Week 2022 science fair, to be held between 20-24 June. Students, administrative technicians and university professors can participate. with the subject One Earth: Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature, the initiative selects abstracts for research and projects related to environmental themes. Applications are open until June 3, 2022. Poster abstract should be sent to the email 20 abstracts will be selected to prepare the posters, with the result announced on June 9. More information on the UFSC Sustainable page.

Active cases of Covid increased even more in the greater Florianópolis region, Informe Necat . indicates

The weekly report of the Santa Catarina Economic Studies Core (Necat/UFSC), Published last Friday, May 20, with an analysis of the week of May 14-20, foreshadowing an increase in active cases of Covid-19 in the greater Florianópolis region. According to the analysis, 496,208 people actually contracted the disease in the state over the course of the year, and 5,249 of those records were registered in the past week. According to the analyzes, the greater Florianopolis area continued to represent 31% of the state’s total, a percentage that in absolute terms added up to 2,370 positive people, the highest number among all regions. Also of note, according to the document, is the North / Northeast Plateau region, which last week accounted for 19.5% of all active cases. On the other hand, deaths showed less volatility than the increase seen last week, to read the full analysis, click here.


UFSC Life: Idésio Leal, artist continuing Rodrigo de Haro mosaics at UFSC

Passing the Rectory Building of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) we see the art of Rodrigo de Haro, with whom Idésio Leal was a collaborator. The work, as well as highlighting the artists’ lives, is part of the UFSC’s identity. The total area of ​​the mosaic is 440 m², one of the largest in Latin America. The facade portion is called “An Open Book of Pre-Columbian America”, and was produced between 1995 and 1997. Rodrigo de Haro dies in 2021, Edisio continues his legacy. He is currently working on “folklore” work which began on March 24 this year and is due to be completed by July. It is located in the back of the Rectory and is a work of the Secretariat for Culture and the Arts (SeCArte/UFSC). Continue reading >>.

The Museum of Archeology and Ethnology reopens its exhibition stand on the 27th

The UFSC Museum of Archeology and Ethnology (Marque) will reopen the exhibition stand on May 27, at 3 p.m., after nearly four years of suspending activities to the outdoor public. In this celebration, which was launched to the public on Wednesday, May 18, International Museum Day, the exhibition Archeology in Research: Traveling the Santa Catarina Coast, which has received thousands of visits through 2018, will re-open. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn a little about the history of the human occupation of the Santa Catarina coast. , through the Foundation’s rich and diverse archaeological collection. Continue reading >>.

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