Mass layoffs in Caoa Chery in SP affected 580 jobs, the union estimates. Dismissed worker says “Our hands are tied” Paraíba Valley and region

“Our hands are tied. We only want what is right for us.” The letter is by worker Adriano Lucio da Rocha, who learned of his dismissal from the Caoa Chery plant in Jacareí (SP) by telegram early in the afternoon of Wednesday (25).

It’s one of 580 laid off in the Chinese automaker’s mass cut, according to an updated estimate from the union of metal workers — the shutdowns were reported by telegrams and email.

  • The union files to court against Caoa Chery for its collective dismissal at the factory in Jacareí

The cuts on Wednesday represent 92% of the factory’s workforce, which employs about 630 workers. Kawa Sheri said in a note that the workers would receive severance pay and that he could not adopt the layoffs proposed by the union. (read more below).

Adriano, 31, who is single and childless, explains that he fears unemployment because his income has helped support most of his parents’ expenses.

“I live with my elderly parents, who are not retired and depend on my income. My parents are weak. They need me and from now on it will be very difficult,” he said.

Employees were fired by email and telegram – Photo: personal archive

He says he foresaw this situation. “Honestly, I was already waiting for the company’s history in terms of negotiations. So, we expected the worst,” he said.

Jonas Santos is 51 years old and was kicked out of Kawa Cheri in Jakkari; He was the only income for the family – Photo: Bruna Capasciutti / TV Vanguarda

Jonas Santos is 51 years old and was kicked out by email. The only source of income for the home he lives in with his wife and two daughters, he says he’s already considering trying a new job to keep expenses down.

“The store my daughter used to work in is closed,” he said. “I’m already chasing other things because deep down I was really hoping the company could lay off employees. We were hoping that would happen.”

And the union announced in a meeting held at two in the afternoon outside the factory, Wednesday, that it will file a lawsuit against the company, and that it will not accept layoffs in this case, and that the workers will continue to camp in front of the factory.

Uniforms of workers laid off during mass cuts at Caoa Chery in Jacareí are laid out in front of the factory with messages: ‘Get back my father’s work’ – Photo: Wilson Araújo / TV Vanguarda

The layoffs took place amid rounds of negotiations with the Ministry of Public Labor (MPT) regarding the dismissal of most employees due to the plant’s cessation of activities until 2025.

The company announces in the letter the dismissal without prior notice from Thursday (26th) and the payment of the end of service gratuity.

Employees hung uniforms with messages on the door of the Caoa Chery factory in Jaccari against layoffs – Photo: Wilson Araújo / TV Vanguarda

The Metal Workers Union says this category was surprised by the cuts. The agency was informed that after the workers rejected the latest proposal, the two parties will return to negotiations with the Ministry of Public Labor.

The latest proposal was rejected at a meeting on Tuesday when the company offered compensation ranging from seven to 15 salaries, depending on the length of work. The MPT’s proposal was for a paycheck of 20 and an extension of benefits, such as agreements and food stamps. After the rejection, the company began laying off workers.

Syndicate files in court against Caoa Chery for dismissal of employees of the Jacareí factory; Workers attending a layoff telegrams gathering – Photo: Bruna Capasciutti/TV Vanguarda

In previous negotiations, the company had agreed to suspend layoffs until January, with layoffs to begin in June and a three-month stabilization period at the end of the measure. Despite this, after revealing the agreement with the minutes of the meeting signed by representatives of the company, Kawa Cheri backed down.

He said in the statement that he rejected the offer, that he will offer her additional salaries to compensate, and that if the offer is not approved soon, he will withdraw the benefit.

The union informed that it will meet with the sacked employees at a gathering in front of the factory on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the measures to be taken.

In a memo sent on Wednesday afternoon, Caoa Chery said that he could not adopt the demobilization proposed by the union because “at the present time, it cannot use such a resource, because the restructuring of the institution and the mechanism will require a long period of time, perhaps more than two years.” .

The memo says that the union was required from the start, but that the entity maintained an “inflexible position”.

The automaker also stressed in the statement that “even before receiving the response, Caoa Chery was surprised by the invasion of its property, which was damaged” in an action organized by the union this Tuesday (24). The company also said it would pay severance payments to workers.

Chery employees reject compensation proposal

Chery employees reject compensation proposal

Chery opened the plant in Jacareí, the first automobile plant in Brazil, in August 2014 after three years of operation and an investment of US$400 million. The goal was to increase participation in the Brazilian market, but the numbers did not take off.

In 2017, Caoa took over more than half of the Chery automaker’s operations in Brazil. The partnership was anticipating a reversal of the sales failure and targets imposed by the Chinese multinational to operate in Brazil.

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