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Brazilians are more interested in the programming languages ​​and functions available in this market, according to a survey conducted by Google.

The warming of the IT market, or the so-called information technology, has caused searches for “developer” and “programmer” to rise by more than 20% compared to the past 12 months with the previous period.

Programming is used for development and control through software in a series of technological devices that we use on a daily basis. That is, there is programming from the servers of a giant company such as Amazon to the smallest devices such as smart watches.

For this, a programming language. Is he there is a set of instructions that resemble a “language”. Code produced in this language is what allows a program to perform sequential actions, access data, and perform many other actions.

There are more than 700 programming languagesWhich may confuse the head of those interested in the area.

A common question for anyone interested in technology is what is the best programming language to learn? According to the experts consulted by g1, the answer depends on the goal of each professional.

For those interested in writing code, the first tip is Focus on the basics. That is, understanding how programming logic works, how to create functions and variables that are instructions a programmer gives a computer to perform.

For beginners, there are many free courses with introductory classes on programming logic.

Find the most used languages ​​in your desired programming area. – Photo: ThisIsEngineering/Pexels

Then, Find the most used language in the desired region. Example: Those interested in data science need knowledge of languages ​​such as Python, R Language, SAS, and Java.

The front end developer will focus more on HTML and CSS, but will need some knowledge of JavaScript as well.

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There is still something called Frameworks and libraries, which are collections of tools to facilitate the work of those in a particular area.

In this case, the front-end developer should probably consider React, which is the most popular JavaScript library on the market for anyone working with user interfaces. It allows you to create interactive websites and applications.

According to Github, a type of social network for programmers, the most popular languages ​​among Brazilian programmers in 2021 were:

  • JavaScript.
  • CSS Sass: ;
  • code;
  • HashiCorp configuration language;
  • elixir.
  • print.
  • Kotlin.
  • Go;
  • moon;
  • Python.

Python and Java: the most popular languages

Python is the most searched programming language in Brazil, according to a Google Trends poll. The development tool has overtaken Java, which has been at the top of the rankings since 2004, when the search engine began analyzing this data.

Over the past five years, interest in Python has increased by more than 122%, while interest in Java has decreased by 72%, according to Google.

Justified popularity: Python is designed to make its code easy to read and is easy to use for anyone learning a new programming language.. In addition, your software can be used in different products, such as websites, computer graphics, or artificial intelligence.

But that does not mean that Java is complete. Like Python, the language can be used to develop applications for mobile phones, computers, televisions, and many other devices.

Is there a language that pays more?

Yeah. Some tools do not have such a large community of experts, so the amount paid to these professionals is higher.

A survey by tech professional recruitment platform Revelo indicates that the professionals they work with XCode has the highest profit rate possible, with jobs paying an average salary of R$8,900.

The programming toolkit is used as the basis for operating systems and applications developed for Apple products such as macOS and iOS.

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Two other languages ​​that offer higher salaries are Delphi with an average of R$8,500 and Scala with an average of R$8,300. Released in 1995 and 2004 respectively, the languages ​​are still used to create existing software, but are considered obsolete.

In the case of both tools, the demand for specialized professionals takes into account the so-called “legacy code”. In other words, these programmers need to continue to run programs that were developed a few years ago and that are of strategic importance to companies.

An example of this type of software is the code used in the work of companies in the banking sector. Although this type of software is outdated, it cannot be removed while preparing a new version.

It is a matter of supply and demand. Although they are very old languages ​​when we think about the history of programming, there are very few professionals who have this knowledge on the market, explains Revelo CEO Lucas Mendes.

“Because of this, those who work professionally with these languages ​​end up being highly regarded — and as a result, they get paid higher,” Mendes says.

The survey analyzed Revelo’s job offers. According to the company, there are more than 1,500 active companies and about 570,000 candidates in its database.

Languages ​​like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are among the most popular among candidates registered on the platform.

List of highest-paid languages ​​and their average salaries according to Revelo:

  1. Xcode: 8900 Brazilian Real ;
  2. Delphi: 8500 Brazilian Real;
  3. Scale: 8300 Brazilian Real ;
  4. Wonderful: 8200 Brazilian Real ;
  5. Clojur: 8150 Brazilian Real ;
  6. Swift: 8130 Brazilian Real ;
  7. Arrow: 8100 Brazilian Real ;
  8. Kotlin: 8000 Brazilian Real;
  9. Go: 7900 Brazilian Real ;
  10. C#: 7800 Brazilian Real

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