How did the church deal with epidemics throughout history?

even with The end of the public health emergency, On the last day May 22With More than 74% of the population has been immunized with two or one dosesthe country is still suffering from Corona virus pandemic. Between Monday (23) and Tuesday (24), it was recorded 32,820 confirmed cases and 239 deaths due to COVID-19According to the data of the Ministry of Health.

in tradition A message to the Brazilian peoplea This was announced by the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) It has always been in favor of social and health care and universal vaccination:

“The sharing of food, goods and spaces, and help For lonely people and dedication The tireless efforts of health professionals are just a few examples of Endless acts of solidarity. Health directors and public agents faced a scenario of fear and insecurity Indefatigable and resilientsays part of the text.

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Father Jose Inacio Medeiros, BC. R was found.And guide us about it What is the Church’s message in the face of the health crises that we have experienced?.

‘Worry with complete salvation of the human person, be the spiritual salvation Which is manifested through those many moments that the Church makes in connection with Prayer.

For example, it is still in our minds, in our hearts Solo prayer for Pope Francis on a rainy afternoon in Rome in St Peter’s SquarePraying and crying out to God for the salvation of mankind.And He said.

But How has the Catholic Church reacted and dealt with other epidemics throughout its history? We list the facts and effects of the difficulties that Catholic Christians face in some Pre-coronavirus cases.

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stock struggle

bubonic plague

Also known as black plague, Illness Infection by secretion of another individual or infection air channelhappened because of Bacteria are called Yersinia pestisis found in Fleas that remain on infected mice.

The great epidemic continues From 1347 to 1351Over the years, new outbreaks have appeared. the beach Europe destroyedDeparture balance between 75 and 200 million dead In Asia and EuropeAnd About 60% of the world’s population.

during the epidemic peak bubonic plague (1348), In spite of the mass rejection of the Jews, who were accused by the Catholics at the time of being direct carriers of the diseaseThe Pope Clement VI condemns like this unfair accusationswrote to Published Quamvis perfidiam IudaeorumAnd It also contains:

“Apologizing to your subjects – the people and the clergy – to me Do not persecute, wound or kill Jews“.

It is spiritually attributed to the bubonic plague in the fourteenth century. composition and Circulating the second part of the prayer of peace be upon you, Mary. expression “Now and at the hour of our death” Included in prayer during fourteenth centurywhen the plague epidemic caused the death of large numbers of people in Europe and Asia.

Years later, it was Pope Urban VIII Create health complex In the Roman Curia in 1630, for the purpose of Prevent and reduce the spread of potential diseaseswhich played a leading role in the plague of 1659, where More than a million Italians died of the disease.


Spanish flu

The pneumonic plague Caused a violent pandemic that hit the world from From 1918 to 1920And directly or indirectly affect about 50% of the world’s populationafter being killed 20 to 40 million peoplequalified as The most dangerous epidemic conflict of all time.

Brazilian President Rodriguez Alves He died in 1919 after being injured.

The Pope Benedict XV restructuring the stream Pontifical Academy of Sciences to Contribute to addressing the crisis. in the United States of America, Two thousand Philadelphia nunAnd in state Pennsylvania, even without much experience, made themselves at their disposal Take care of immigrants from Italy, Ukraine, Poland and China.


Pollution Vibrio coli By drinking water or cause food More than 200,000 deaths in Europe since the nineteenth century.

daddy afternoon, Gregory XVIhas already been created Health Committee Under the direction of Monsignor Camilo Amici’s secretary, he did much to support the victims of cholera.

Gregory too Encourage acts of pietyAnd A series of sermons urging people to repentance and the procession of the famous image of the Virgin and Child preserved in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.then known as Regina Coellybut later known as Romanian Salus Popoliwhich is the same for whom Pope Francis prayed at the beginning of the epidemicin March 2020.

The disease subsided gradually and a Thanksgiving service It was duly carried out in Santa Maria Maggiore, in October 15, 1837.

leungchopan / shutterstock
leungchopan / shutterstock

swine flu

In 2009, it was combined Influenza virus A (H1N1) Pigs, birds, and humans, originated in Mexico and have spread to more than 70 countries.

The flu outbreak was The first public health emergency of the twenty-first century has been declared a pandemic From the World Health Organization.

In Brazil, the dioceses of Sao Paulo, Parana and other states have implemented restrictions on festivities, How do we avoid holding hands with the Father, embracing peace and distributing the Eucharist only in the hands?in addition to allowing maximum ventilation in the temples, something similar to what is happening today in COVID-19 pandemic.

As Father Inacio instructed us The Church’s Concern for the Good of People:

“Check this out In the previous procedures, now and recently covid-19 pandemicAlways with this reminder The Church believes in man, and the Church believes in the power of science. The Church believes in the power of man when that power is applied and used for goodNot only for an individual, but for the benefit of society as a whole. That’s why, throughout history, The Church has always played a leading role in addressing the many health crises that humanity has already facedComplete the Redeemer Evangelist.

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