Google Chrome 102 offers improved security, organize keyboard shortcuts for tabs, and more

Chrome 102 is the latest version of the world’s most popular browser. Released last Wednesday (25) by Google, the update includes several productivity improvements for users and ensures more comprehensive support for web applications (PWAs), as well as a fix 32 Vulnerabilities Indexed by CVE.

Check out all the new features in Google Chrome 102 below.

smart shortcut

A new Smart Shortcut has been added to the address bar in the Android version. As a real “chameleon”, its functions are diverse, and can adapt to the user’s habits, such as: voice search, sharing websites, opening new tabs and much more. It is also possible to customize the button manually.

This is not the first time the feature has appeared on Android. Earlier this month, we reported that the smart shortcut has arrived to many users in beta, and it appears to be turning into a stable tool with Chrome 102.

If you haven’t received the news yet, just enter the text below in the address bar and change the option from “Default” to “Enabled”.


Keyboard tab organization

Google Chrome has finally released a file Rearrange tabs via keyboard shortcuts For Windows users with version 102. Interestingly enough, this feature was already in the distribution for Linux-based systems.

To change the position of a tab, it is necessary to access it, hold down the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys and press “Page Up” to place it on the left or “Page Down” to place it on the right.

Your keyboard probably doesn’t have these keys, but it does have the “Fn” button. In this case, just perform the same operation as above, but replace the “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys with the up and down arrow keys, respectively.

Web applications can open files

Web applications (PWAs) will be able to open your computer’s files. Developers will be able to add specific functionality to their apps to manage user photos, videos, and documents. For example, a photo editing PWA can open a file with a .jpeg extension or even in Adobe Photoshop format.

Ctrl + F

The shortcut “Ctrl + F” is almost no secret. Website text search tool allows you to quickly search for the desired term on a web page. Chrome 102 adds a new HTML attribute called “Hidden = until-found”, which makes it possible to find hidden text on websites as long as they support this markup.

The Google

May 20

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May 11

For example, “scrolling” menus keep links or buttons hidden to avoid visual clutter on the page – whether on mobile phones, monitors, or any other screen. From now on, “Ctrl + F” will be able to find and display hidden texts in these sections.

Slide remote control

Remote workers who have adopted virtual meetings will be able to take advantage of a new feature in Chrome. Starting with version 102, you can control your slideshow without having to leave the video conference window.

This is just a preview of what the tool will be capable of in the future. It is still necessary to wait for more browsers and websites to support this functionality to make it more comprehensive.

Store information

To ensure more security when shopping online, Chrome will display information about the store the user is visiting. If you’re an unknown merchant, for example, the user doesn’t need to manually look up the reputation of the organization.

The feature doesn’t seem to be available for all users and regions yet, but you can try it out via Science: “chrome://flags/#page-info-about-this-site” (without quotes).

Google Chrome 102 is now available as an update for Android and iOS through the Play Store and App Store respectively. For the desktop, the browser usually updates itself automatically, but you can check which version you’re running by going to Settings and clicking About Google Chrome.

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