From scrap baler to chief technology officer: Meet João Gabriel, O Matuto Programador

Anyone who sees “O Matuto Programador” today, who is on Linkedin with over 80,000 followers, probably doesn’t know the Bahian life path of Uibaí. As a teenager, Joao Gabriel and his family moved to São Paulo in search of a better life. To help his family, he worked as a car washer, a scrap baler and a barbecue skewer seller.

After his father’s death, Joao spent 14 hours a day working to support his family. Today, after overcoming many obstacles, the developer takes the position of CTO at Ideen, a startup that provides services to companies in the digital economy, as well as leading a team of more than 30 people in its own consulting business.

“It has always been a dream to make social ascent possible and today I lead a team of more than 30 people, which is growing every day, directly affecting the lives of each of them, and this is very important to me,” explains João.

Entering the world of technology

At the age of 23, João’s path changed through advice from a friend who worked in the tech sector. Curious to learn more about the area, he researched to the point of deciding that he would study Information Systems at Fundação Santo André.

Then the student divided his routine between work and study, and it was at night. The salary, at the time, was not enough to pay the monthly fee, forcing Joao to make agreements with the foundation to make the payments.

Joao sees in the word resilience the meaning that guides his life. Even with obstacles along the way, the willpower to succeed has been a critical factor in cementing the professionalism that it is today.

“There were nights when I arrived at 1 a.m., walking half way back from college, in the rain, with very worn shoes, but I was thinking this was an opportunity to change my life by being in higher education,” he says.

Linkedin’s Best Voice in 2020

Quiet and nature-loving, João initially used Linkedin only to find jobs in technology. After some time, he created the character “O Matuto Programador”, focusing on making a greater reality of the developer’s profession in the country, and gained popularity on the social network.

From a publication that tells us a little more about its path and values ​​study as a way to advance professionally, it has become Top Voice of Linkedin 2020 – the title the social network gave to people who influence others. “It was totally unusual, I wasn’t expecting such a movement with this post, let alone becoming the best voice for Linkedin,” he says.

Since then, the Matuto Programador has amassed a measure of the rise in the number of followers on Linkedin, which today exceeds 80 thousand followers.

“Today, my focus is on helping people who are starting their careers in technology, telling them about my track experiences, directing them to free courses, and giving advice so that these people can grow when I grew up with technology,” says Joao.

Plan ahead

The developer’s dream is to open a programming school for young people from the periphery, thus changing the lives of thousands of them through technology. “I hope that we will support the School of Programming this year, we are building the project so that we can implement it as soon as possible and make it possible to change the lives of these young people, as well as enter the labor market.” reports.

João is currently part of several communities in the tech world, such as Mais1Code, where he has been an ambassador for over a year. The project, with the help of technology, seeks to socially uplift young people and adolescents from the fringes.

“The market has realized that it needs qualified labor and there are many talented people hiding in these peripheral places, often due to lack of resources.” John reflects.

In addition to his active participation on Linkedin, João leads the 404 podcast on Youtube, where he talks with professionals from the tech world and is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. His life path, as well as the professional difficulties that he has faced until today in the field of technology, are shown by the developer, who can serve as an example for many people who dream of opportunities for advancement in this sector.

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