Football: BM credits Ricardo Maya with “minimum objective” of ensuring maintenance in CdP

Afonso Mirada, president of the Beira club, announced on the left that coach Ricardo Maia would continue in the middle.
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Beira Mar entrusts Ricardo Maia with the task of, at a minimum, ensuring the preservation of the team in the Portuguese Championship (CdP). The coaching will now deal with the team, which will get help from the “partner”, and it’s almost guaranteed to create a senior B team to continue the work of the training academy.

With the signing of the renewal for another year, the new “mission” of Ricardo Maia at the helm of Beira Mar has already been set, having achieved, in the first season, the goals set for 2021-22, which included promotion. The 34-year-old coach, who joined the tournament for the two missing cups, will achieve an unprecedented achievement in the history of Aveiro Club, as little remained at the helm of the team after its promotion to the division.

The aurinegro club, given its history, is always presented as a candidate, but President Afonso Miranda plays down the expectations that might be in the minds of the fans, citing well-known reasons: “We always go into the match in order to win, but we must understand that it is a club in financial restructuring. “With new infrastructure, new people coming to work. All of this has weight. We want to take safe steps to return to the first division,” he said at a press conference this morning, “The specific targets will be in the top five.”

“We still don’t have the conditions to take on the undisputed nomination, it would be crazy to do so. We know that most fans want to be higher, but other clubs have other assets, at least financially. We want a smooth tournament and see what happens during the tournament.” The minimum goal is maintenance, then the winning dynamics will tell. “We have time to stay in the Portuguese championship,” he added.

CoP will be played in four regions, with a regular stage. Ricardo Maia has a few months of experience leading S. João de Ver in competition, having moved to the club. Naturally, he anticipates a “more competitive” season, as “good teams” are included in the Beira-Mar series. The ‘illusion’ of reaching Liga 3 will be present in many teams. Therefore, “strong and well-equipped opponents” are expected. The coach wants Beira-Mar to appear “in the same spirit” as the current season and “work, if possible, on top of the winning dynamics”.

The Partner will start helping out in the new SAD waiting room

The need to secure “capital” in order to increase investment in top football has led management to take steps towards the eventual creation of the Sociedade Anónima Desportiva (SAD), “but it will not appear this year, on its knees,” Afonso Miranda asserts. “The club is approaching potential interested parties, to work on a transition plan for the eventual creation of SAD the following year, but nothing is closed at the moment. We are working with what we have, without mortgages or changing the direction of our strategy,” the president explained, no matter what. If there is someone who can help and accompany us to contribute something to Beira-Mar and to be a privileged partner in SAD in the future, but with the strategy that this club sets.”

Senior Team B “On the March”

Management considers the creation of a large B-team to be in full swing, relying on what is necessary to “close the budget soon”. “From the equation to have a B-team, it makes perfect sense to have more athletes than the formation in the seniors. Hopefully this year, if there is financial capacity,” Afonso Miranda said.

direct speech

I want to renew my congratulations on the work. With the goals fully achieved, it did not make sense to make any decision other than continuity, there is also a constructive attitude within the club, and important points for this direction
Thanking you for the confidence in your desire to work for the club allows you to do something that was not possible, which is prepare for the new season over time. CdP and Liga 3 clubs have already finished the season, it’s important to wind up your boots so you don’t miss out on some chances.
We don’t lock anyone up here, as much as we love people. Just stay here, you really want to be here. If it is not for money, it is because they want a lot and there is a common will. I don’t know if Ricardo Maia has more styles, it doesn’t matter from the moment we want continuity” – Afonso Miranda, President of Beira Mar.

“I don’t know if there will be a team revolution. Going competitive increases demand. Six teams will go down to the areas again, and that forces you to make the team to unite the team in the race and look for the top spots, completely resting with the places you go down. The current team. It has a lot of quality. Many of these champions have a history in the Portuguese championship, let’s see what the future holds. Of course there will be no revolution.
In terms of continuity, the management evaluated our work positively and wanted to continue with the technical team. For our part, we analyzed the followed and short-term path, the pros and cons, we saw where to improve and whether we can have a successful continuity line. It was the will of both of them to renew.” Ricardo Maya, coach of Beira Mar.

Ricardo Maya renews for Beira Mar for the 22-23 season.

Ricardo Maya has already entered the history of Beira Mar and can achieve an unprecedented feat

Ricardo Maia was Beira Mar’s 12th coach in the last 65 years (in a world of 58 people who have worked at the club) to renew with the club after a team promotion and could become the only one to win all the competitions in which the club was engaged at the same time. He is missing the District Cup and the Super Cup, both of which will compete with Águeda, the next opponent in the penultimate round of the tournament. Águeda, who was the district champion in the 2015-2016 season, also achieved the “Triple,” and in the Cups Beira-Mar was the ultimate winner.

“The heaviness” of seeing his name more evident in a centenary club was quickly removed by Ricardo Maia, who lived up to his conservative style. He said, “Objectivity and a calm mind are what guide me, if we make history we will contribute to achieving greater success for the club.”

The coach has maintained long connections in his still short journey, working as an assistant in Estarreja (4 seasons) and in main position at S. João de Ver (another four and a half seasons), reflecting positive results, but he admits. He thinks more day by day. The immediate future is what guides me, not the medium term. If we succeed, we increase the likelihood that invitations will continue or we will receive further invitations,” he said.

“I like to be where I feel good and feel confident in the work we do,” he added, though, “It is a pleasure to have the continuity, development and growth to highlight the club” on different levels. He concluded: “It was like in the previous clubs, and here I really want to be successful, regardless of the season.”

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