Facial Biometrics: Myths and Facts About Technology

* Written by Wagner Martin // Today, the face has become a widely used method of authentication. Most smartphones, for example, are already using Facial Biometrics By the front camera to release access to the device in the same way as with the password. To enter commercial premises, photographs are always recorded, as are government identification documents, such as the passport, General Registration (RG) and National Driver’s License (CNH), among others.

However, like any innovation, the Facial Biometrics It raises a series of doubts and questions on the part of the citizens. After all, personal characteristics (like iris, face, etc.) are used to distinguish one individual from another. So, in the same way that generates enthusiasm for some and makes daily activities more practical, hundreds of privacy misinformation spreads. Below is a list of myths and facts.

However, it is important to note that most facial recognition technologies are based on 2D images rather than 3D images because it is more convenient to match 2D images to public images or from a database. This solution is commonly found in some applications on mobile phones, public buildings, airports, cities, businesses, airports, border control, health services, attendance monitoring of students and staff in educational institutions, gyms, clubs, campaigns and events. Marketing, advertising and in other miscellaneous monitoring. The Facial Biometrics And increase security as needed. That is, a banking application will always have more complex user identification features than a traffic camera that identifies a missing person, for example.

Face recognition aims to replace all existing security measures

myth. The Facial Biometrics It is a way to simplify the validation processes of previously recorded information by users. Once the registration is complete, the person can access the services only after being identified. Although there is no mechanism that guarantees a 100% reduction in the risk of cybercrime, it has been proven that the plurality of digital security mechanisms can significantly increase the chances of combating these situations and the ability of companies to be able to offer more to their customers. Protection and confidence in the development of your daily transactions. A combination of biometrics and tokens, for example, is one solution that is still gaining ground in the digital security market.

Biometrics cannot be relied on in the long term because people age or change through plastic surgery

myth. Some of the human characteristics used for authentication remain the same despite the passage of time and increased surgical interventions. For example, a person’s iris is stable. According to research published in April 2020 by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), FRT systems have near-absolute accuracy under ideal conditions, achieving a recognition accuracy level of 99.97%.

However, it should be noted that even when a person smiles, laughs or cries, the geometry of the face usually changes, which may cause some interference in recognition by algorithms. In any case, even if it is difficult, small changes in the face can be identified and accepted by systems and researchers are constantly working to train algorithms in emotion recognition and human identification, regardless of changes in facial expressions, keeping this technology safe.

Big companies can use facial biometrics to monitor the population

myth. In Brazil, the General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD) ensures that a file Facial Biometrics It can only be used with the user’s consent. That is, if a store, company, or gym wants to use recognition to grant access to a place, the person must first agree to the terms of use of the image. It is important to always pay attention to the purpose of using the authentication, if there is any point of disagreement, the consumer can refuse to scan the face and use another type of system.

Facial biometrics reduce costs

fact. As with any innovation, there is a period of high cost and then it gets cheaper that many players are able to implement it in their business. In addition, the mere fact of reducing fraud actually makes the technology profitable, as companies reduce losses from fraud and failure. Currently, in addition to mobile authentication, even small businesses such as gyms and buildings can use it Facial Biometrics Free access, making the process frictionless.

* Wagner Martin is Vice President of Business Development at Veritran Brazil

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