“Crushed,” says a lawyer about a father who may have been poisoned by his stepmother

Rio de Janeiro – During the exhumation of Fernanda Cabral, 22, this Thursday (26/5), the young woman’s parents, Adelson Garbas Cabral and Jane Carvalho, watched the coffin removed from afar and were deeply moved.

“Father, mother, family is inconsolable. Marcela Fernandez, Fernanda’s parents’ lawyer, told capital Cities.

Fernanda died on March 27, after being hospitalized for 12 days on suspicion of poisoning by her stepmother, Cintia Mariano Dias Cabral, who had been detained since last Friday (5/20).


“Today I have tears in my eyes, the lioness is very wounded. Today, a very important event will happen in the investigations. I hope this woman pays double for everything, all this suffering, all this pain,” said Jane Carvalho, Fernanda’s mother, on social media. .

Like his mother, Adelson was very shaken and did not want to speak to the press after the exhumation. “The father is completely excluded from the investigation. He never suspected any suspicious behavior from Cintia. He was devastated by all of this,” said delegate Flavio Rodriguez, of 33 DP, in charge of the investigation.

According to the family’s defense, Jane came to alert the doctors at the Albert Schweitzer Municipal Hospital. “The mother suspected and asked the doctors if her daughter had been poisoned and they said no. But when I went with Bruno, she was sure.

Asked about negligence on the part of the hospital, the delegate explained that the professionals who attended Fernanda, about 12, will be heard in the coming days. One of them gave his testimony this Wednesday (25/5).

“The doctor should not have hinted at the hypothesis of exotoxin. This diagnosis is easier to make by IML. It does not mean that doctors in the hospital are not trained in this, the delegate analyzed.


After his sister’s death, Bruno Cabral was also poisoned with baked beans by his stepmother. After Fernanda’s death, in March, Cynthia would have tried to kill Bruno the same way, but to no avail, at the last 5/5.

“Bruno can’t even go to school, it was a big shock,” the lawyer told capital Cities. Civil police in Rio de Janeiro confiscated a vial of flea poison from Cynthia’s home. A bowl of cereal was also collected.

Bruno underwent an examination to analyze gastric juice, with the aim of finding traces of the substance used in the alleged poisoning. “We also need to get the result of Bruno’s report, to see if the substance used in Fernanda is the same as for him,” explained attorney Rafael Forte.

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