Chrome 102 offers smart buttons and keyboard rearrangement for tabs

Google has released Chrome 102, the new stable version of its browser, which has many features aimed at developers. The main addition is tools to improve the construction of web applications, with wide possibilities for use.

For the user, the most obvious change is the smart shortcut that has been added to the address bar in Chrome 102 for Android. The icon directs you to features like voice search, link/page sharing, or opening a new tab, depending on your frequent use.

It is possible to change the function by pressing the button for a few seconds. It already appeared to some people in the previous version, but now it appears that it has been released to more people.

Rearrange guides

A new innovation aimed at the Chrome desktop user is the ability to request browser tabs using only the keyboard, without the need for a mouse. You can already go forward or backward in a tab, but now you can change its position as you like.

More than just switching between tabs, you can now rearrange them using just the keyboard in Chrome (Image: Leopeva64/Reddit)

While the feature has been around in Linux for quite some time, as people tend to do everything via commands, Windows and macOS users will now be able to take advantage of it. To move a directory, you need to press CTRL + Shift + PgUp (forward) or PgDn (backward). The idea is the same on the Mac, but you have to press CTRL + Shift + Fn and the up or down arrow.

Safer Online Stores

One of the few changes that is truly user-centric is to provide more information about online stores that they have never visited before. The goal is to provide quick access to buyer reviews directly on the page’s info screen, to the left of the address bar.

In addition to the reviews, Google also intends to feature product comparisons (Image: Reproduction/Google)

This is a feature that isn’t 100% implemented for everyone yet, but it seems to have evolved in version 102. Here in Brazil it will probably take a few more months to release, due to regional trade restrictions resolved. The store rating system itself does not work yet in these parts, so you need to be patient.

Anyone who hasn’t added this to Chrome 102 can even try to enable a flag, although it doesn’t always work. write it: chrome://flags/#page-info-about-this-siteFind out if it suits you – here at Canaltech did not work.

Desktop web applications

For those who need to work with programs that run directly in the browser, Chrome 102 has made improvements to running from the desktop. The idea is to make it work similar to native apps.

The browser will allow you to allow a web application to modify images saved on the device or set them as the default player for videos, for example. To do this, simply locate the program in the Open With dialog in Windows. This change will eliminate the need to drag and drop files, although it depends on the developers to be efficient.

In addition, the Navigation API has been released to everyone to allow the use of a powerful navigation interception method. This means that accessing single-page web applications should be faster because they won’t have to reload the entire site when switching from one tab to another.

Scroll control for video calls

Finally, slideshows will be easier with this change that Chrome introduces. You can go to the next slide or go back to the previous slide in the same meeting window, without having to go back to the presentation each time.

You’ll be able to control your presentation in Chrome even without being on the right tab (Photo: Alveni Lisboa/Canaltech)

The mod should make life a lot easier for those who need to view multiple Chrome tabs at the same time and end up getting lost in the presentation. It’s not fully functional yet, but it can be accessed in version 102. If you want to get a feel for how it works, you can test it on a page created by Google specifically to demonstrate the feature.

As mentioned at the beginning of the text, most introductions should make life easier for developers, but that doesn’t mean the user won’t benefit. As professionals work to improve their solutions, users using Chrome 102 (and competitors) will gradually benefit.

Source: Google

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