Carlos Moedas ensures that Web Summit’s relationship with Lisbon is “long-term”

The mayor of Lisbon said Wednesday that the partnership with the Web Summit is a “long-standing relationship” and ensured “there was no elephant” in the room because there was an event taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

Carlos Moedas was speaking at the “Above and Beyond Hangout – Business Abroad: Countdown to Collision” event, organized in partnership with Startup Portugal, and held in Lisbon.

At the opening of the event, in a session that also included the presence of the co-founder and CEO of the Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave, put the question to Carlos Moedas, to get “the elephant out of the room”, about whether to hold the Tech Summit in Rio de Janeiro, to be held between May 1 and 4, 2023, would pose a threat or opportunity to Lisbon and the Portuguese ecosystem.

Carlos Moedas began by saying that from the “first moment in Portugal” he was in the team that at the time went to Paddy Cosgriff, stressing that he had always been and remains a “big fan of the web top”.

The mayor emphasized that the web summit “was a transformation for our country, not just Lisbon”.

Carlos Moedas continued: “We are very fortunate to hold the Web Summit in Lisbon, and the impact over the years” of what the Web Summit has achieved and achieved is “so unique and amazing for Lisbon.”

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