BRF Pet discusses premium quality natural food and nutrition at the 41st Brazilian Congress of Ancliffa – Jornal do Oeste

BRF Pet, a subsidiary devoted to the food company’s pet food segment, is presenting its portfolio of premium quality Biofresh and Guabi Natural feeds during the 41st Brazilian Congress at Anclivepa, an event dedicated to veterinarians. In addition to the exclusive activation of the two brands at the exhibition stand, the business unit will also promote discussions in Congress about the importance of adequate and natural feeding of pets for a healthier life. The event takes place from May 25-27 at the Ruth Cardoso Cultural and Exhibition Center, in Maceió (AL).

“The search for more natural foods for dogs and cats has increased a lot in recent years. Educators already understand that choosing healthy foods helps with the longevity of our pets. In this sense, we see an opportunity to introduce our brands to our vets and inform them so that they know in depth the quality of the ingredients we choose, In addition to our formulations,” says Fernanda Bortolucci, Director of Brand Marketing and Innovation for BRF Pet Specialized Channels.

The company will bring professionals renowned in their areas of expertise to Congress to speak on dog and cat nutrition, presenting relevant topics:

a. doctor. Ulus Karsovy: Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from Unesp-Jaboticabal, MSc in Animal Nutrition and MD in Veterinary Medicine from USP; President of the Brazilian Society of Feeding and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats, Member of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian College of Animal Nutrition and Vice President of the European Society of Veterinary Nutrition and Comparative Nutrition.

doctor. Carlos Gabriel: A veterinarian graduated from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, and received his master’s and doctorate degrees at UECE, Ceará State University. Owner of an exclusive cat clinic “The Cat From Ipanema” in Rio de Janeiro.

Doctor teacher. Justin’s hallucinations: Associate Professor at UFRRJ, responsible for the exclusive care sector for domestic cats and a resident educator at the Surgical and Feline Clinic of the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro.

BRF Pet will also be promoting revitalizations in its booth, to interactively introduce a range of natural, superfoods, through its Biofresh and Guabi Natural brands. In addition to the product gallery, it will feature several interactive resources for displaying ingredients and formulations.

“We want to reinforce the importance of superfoods for pet health. Our natural ration formulas have been developed by animal nutrition experts and add the most nutritious ingredients to each ingredient, without adding genetically modified colors or flavors,” explains Fernanda Bortolucci.

About BRF Pet

BRF Pet is a business unit of BRF and one of the largest pet food producers in Brazil. BRF Pet, owner of market reference brands such as Biofresh, Guabi Natural, GranPlus, Balance and Faro, has five factories entirely dedicated to the production of dog and cat food, more than 1,300 employees and a portfolio of 16 brands. sub-brands. Their products are formulated by animal nutrition experts and have strict quality control throughout the production chain.

About BRF

One of the largest food companies in the world, BRF is present in 127 countries. Its purpose is to provide high-quality, delicious and increasingly practical food – to people and their pets around the world – through the sustainable management of a living, long and complex chain that provides a better life for everyone, from farm to table. The owner of famous brands such as Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy, its business is grounded in core commitments to safety, quality and integrity. The company bases its strategy on a long-term vision and aims to generate value for nearly 100,000 employees worldwide, more than 300,000 customers and nearly 10,000 integrated companies in Brazil, all of its shareholders and the community.

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