Bola – Porto beats Sporting and goes to the final with Benfica (basketball)

FC Porto will now go to the final with Benfica, who have already qualified, to determine the title, who will play as the top five, with matches scheduled for the 6th, 9th, 11th and 14th of next month, with the Eagles on vacation with the advantage of playing at home for the first match.

At João Rocha’s booth, FC Porto was world champion, this time and, contrary to what was verified in Match 2, at the Dragão Arena, in a match without inappropriate situations or scenes.

Only once, in the second period, did the Lions manage to put themselves in front of the tag, an advantage that lasted for a short while, with the Blues and Whites practically advanced from start to finish.

See how the match unfolded:

game over: FC Porto beat Sporting in Pavilao Joao Rocha, by 93-80 (by 13 points) and went to the final (3-0 on aggregate in the semi-final play-offs).

P4) 00:02 – Shaker Smith (Sporting), down to 80-93

P4) 00:15 – Franceso Amarante (FC Porto), with a hat-trick, makes it 78-93

P4) 00:50 – Charlon Clough (FC Porto) converts two free throws (in two): 78-90

P4) 00:51 – Miguel Queiroz (FC Porto) converts two free throws: 78-88

Pg 4) 00:53 – Shakir Smith (Sporting), triple score: 78-86 (8 points difference)

P4) 1:32 – Travant Williams (Sporting), dropped to 75-86

p. 4) 01:54 – Vladislav Wojcielo (FC Porto), converted two free throws (in two): 73-86 (13 points ahead)

P4) 02:00 – Rashard Odomes (FC Porto), converts two free throws (in two): 73-84

p. 4) 02:40 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting), also answers with a triple: 73-82

P4) 02:50 – Vladislav Wojciech (FC Porto), converts a hat-trick: 70-82

P4) 03:30 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting), converts two free throws: 70-79

P4) 03:45 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting) makes three free throws twice: 68-79

P4) 03:49 – Jonathan Arledge (FC Porto) rises to 66-79

P4) 04:20 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting), triples, makes 66-75

P4) 04:29 – Jonathan Arledge (FC Porto) rises to 63-75

Pg 4) 05:05 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) answers with two points: 63-73

P4) 05:50 – Joao Fernandez (Sporting), two free throws: 63-71 (8 points)

P4) 06:00 – Joao Fernandez (Sporting), from the free throw, reduces the difference to ten points: 61-71

P4) 06:55 – Miguel Queiroz (FC Porto) rises to 60-71 after being fouled and scoring two points.

P4) 07:44 – Shaker Smith (Sporting) reduces by three points: 60-68

P4) 07:40 – Charlon Clough (FC Porto), trio, rises to 55-68

p. 4) 09:19 – FC Porto’s response by Miguel Queiroz from three points: 55-65

Pg 4) 09:22 – Reduce Shaker Smith (Sporting) to 55-62

P4) 09:59 – the fourth period has begun.

End of the third period: Sporting – 53 years old – Porto – 62 years old. Dragons enter the final period with a 9-point advantage

P3) 00:03 – Shaker Smith (Sporting) reduced to 53-62

P3) 00:42 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) throws two free throws: 51-62

P3) 1:10 – Vladislav Wojcielo (FC Porto) scored two free throws: 49-62

p. 3) 01:57 – Justin Toyo (athlete), free throw, drops to 49-60

P3) 02:14 – Joao Maia (Porto) scores a hat-trick (48-60)

P3) 03:15 – Miguel Queiroz, from the free throw, scores 48-57 (first attempt at diversion fails, but not second)

P3) 03:32 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting), two free throws, drops to 48-56

P3) 04:04 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) scored two more points and calendar Now she is 46-56

P3) 04:50 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) with a hat-trick, drops to 44-56 after time-out called by green and white coach Luis Magalhaes

P3) 05:19 – Rashard Odomes scored three more points for the Dragon and made it 41-56 (there is now a 15-point difference, which is the biggest in the game)

P3) 05:48 – Richard Odomis scored a free throw and made the score 41-54

P3) 07:03 – 41-53, by Jonathan Arledge (Porto)

P3) 08:09 – Richard Odomis, two successful free throws, makes the score 41-50

P3) 08:34 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting) makes 41-48 a hat-trick, responding to two points for Michael Morrison

P3) 09:59 – restart the game. Beginning of the second part of the third period.

End of the second half and the first part of the game: Porto advanced at the end of the first half with a victory (38-46) at home.

P2) 00:24 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) scores 38-46

P2) 00:46 – Diogo Ventura, with two free throws, drops to 38-44

P2) 01:18 – Richard Odomes, from the free throw line, makes both attempts and FC Porto now wins 36-44

P2) 1:38 – Another Three Point Bomb by Charlon Clough: 36-42

P2) 02:26 – Charlon Clough increases, free throw, advances Porto to 36-39

P2) 03:10 – Charlon Clough throws a 3-point ‘bomb’: 34-38

P2) 03:40 – Travant Williams makes two free throws and makes it 34-35

P2) 04:25 – Joao Fernandez (Sporting) scores 32-32

p. 2) 04:57 – Charlon Clough (Porto) tied again (30-30)

P2) 06:40 – Shaker put Smith Sporting in the lead for the first time: 28-26

P2) 07:07 – Shakir Smith made three free throws and tied 26-26

P2) 07:39 – Shaker Smith (Sporting) reduced to 23-26

P2) 09:15 – Charlon Clough (Porto) rises to 20-23

Part 2) 09:24 – Richard Odomis, free throw, scores 20-21, makes first attempt, misses second

P2) 09:59 – The beginning of the second period

end of first period: 20-20, Shaker Smith stands out again.

P1) 00:27 – With a treble for Shaker Smith, Sporting reach 18-19.

P1) 02:32 – Williams lock down decreases to 15-17

P1) 04:08 – Diogo Ventura reduces from 11 to 17

P1) 05:27 – Diogo Ventura, straight triple, drops to 8-14

P1) 06:42 – Michael Morrison, author of Book 2-10, appears to have recovered

P1) 06:50 – Michael Morrison is injured in a slam dunk and is being helped.

P1) 07:30 – Porto at advantage, 2-8.

P1) 09:08 – First two match points, for Sporting, by Travant Williams

P1) 09:30 – Faults for both sides at the start of the match

09:59 – The match has started

Here are the five appetizers:

Sporting – Travant Williams, Justin Toyo, Sedogo Santis, Diogo Ventura, Joao Fernandez

Porto – Vladislav Wojdow, Bradley Tinsley, Jonathan Arledge, Michael Morrison, Charlon Clough

follow here, He livesThe main events of the duel between lions and dragons in Match 3 of the Basketball League semi-finals.

From 7:30pm this Thursday, in Pavelhao Joao Rocha, Sporting FC Porto will face each other again in the semi-finals of the tournament. hem from the University. The Blues and the Whites have already beaten the Lions twice and are separated by one victory over Benfica, who already have a guaranteed presence in the final. To prevent FC Porto from qualifying, Sporting is obligated to win this match and, in this way, try to start a comeback.

It is mentioned that in the previous duel, in the Dragao Arena, the atmosphere was very intense, which led to a long pause of the hour, in the second half, to prevent confusion between Sporting player Antonio Monteiro and FC Porto player Michael Morrison. in greater proportions.

Meanwhile, Antonio Monteiro has already come forward to apologize for the obscene gestures made to the stands packed with FC Porto fans and will be available for a meeting this afternoon, as he did not appear in referee Sergio Silva’s report. His teammate Joao Fernandez as well as Porto player Richard Odomes are also options, because despite his exclusion, the Portuguese Basketball Federation’s disciplinary board decided to close the cases involved.

It is reported that after Match 2, which was marked by tension, there was also an exchange of banners between the Dragons Communications Managers (Francisco J. Marquez) and Miguel Braga (Sporting).

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