An admirer of Luis Henrique’s father, Bahia, remembers the difficulties and sees the dream come true: “As if I am” | Bahia

Luiz Henrique started his story this year in Bahia, when he was appointed for the 2022 season. But the club has been present in his life since childhood, because his father, known as Luiz do Gás, is a fan of the tricolor – and one of those! He even had a band shield tattooed on his arm.

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Ilha de Itaparica resident Luis de Gas welcomed the Globo Esporte into his home to talk about fulfilling a dream: seeing his son, Luis Henrique, on the field in a Bahia jersey.

– certainly [é um sonho realizado]. It was also my dream to become a player. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there. I look at it, I feel it. It’s like me. We are completely happy. What’s more, when you get to Fonte Nova, which is every player’s dream, to step on that park…

Luiz do Gás, father of Luiz Henrique, Bahia side – Photo: Reproduction/TV Bahia

Left-back left-back Luis Henrique’s father displays a Bahia tattoo – Photo: Bahia TV/clone

In addition to rooting for his son’s success, Luiz do Gás, in the family home, has a collection with pictures, T-shirts, and shoes that tell a bit about the history of the tricolor left-back.

According to the athlete’s father, collecting these items is important to “remember and miss the player.”

Father of left-back Luis Henrique of Bahia demands old photos of his son – Image: Reproduction/Bahia TV

Luis Henrique’s father, from Bahia, displays shirts from the clubs where his son has played – Image: Reproduction / Bahia TV

Difficulties along the way

Luiz Henrique dos Santos is known as Luiz do Gás in Itaparica for being a kitchen gas seller in the city. It has been through this work for more than two decades that he has secured the support of the family, despite all the difficulties.

Many difficulties. grown here on the cartoon. They broke into the rented house, and took everything. I sold the land to replace everything. Then they broke into the house again, and I had to sell another plot of land to pay for it again.

Luiz do Gás, father of Luiz Henrique, from Bahia, works as a gas delivery clerk – Photo: Reproduction / Bahia TV

Now the gas seller is all joy. In addition to his dream come true of seeing his son in the team shirt, Luiz do Gás can watch left-back matches at Fonte Nova Arena. Just cross by boat from Itaparica to Salvador.

– very good. When we go to Fonte Nova, people go crazy. There are people who already know us. The guy from the exit guys already knows us. In the Bahia x Cruzeiro match, we came in the second half. The car ran out of fuel at the crossroads. We are fortunate that a friend of ours who passed by helped us. When he arrived on the ferry, there was no electricity. I’ve never seen a power outage on the ferry. We got in the second half. And when I arrived, I said I would sign up. He left on time from Jakkari. When we went out for a soft drink, when we came back, she [mãe de Luiz Henrique] He said he will score now. And left. Hot Foot Couple. It was amazing.

– I think there will be in 2026 [Copa do Mundo]By faith in God. If he continues this approach, the best left-back I see is him.

Luis Henrique played 25 matches for Bahia, in addition to one goal and assisted 2 but Realizing the father’s dream was not easy. The help of friends was necessary. One of them is Zé Gordão, responsible for Estrela de Março, a social enterprise created in the 1970s, which exposed athletes like Obina.

Talent appeared. Among them, Obinna. Then Luisinho, who is in Bahia, with an impeccable character. was open [descoberto] In a friendly match between Itaparica and Vera Cruz. He has an incomparable talent. He lost the match but scored two goals. I tried to get it first. It got kind of complicated. Then we went to play in Salvador against Bahia U-20. Obinna made it rain, he even scored goals.

Luiz Henrique, from Bahia, celebrates the title at Grêmio Base – Image: Reproduction / Bahia TV

Ze Gordao says Luis Enrique’s football life has been complicated. This year is the first time the athlete has played in his state. He began his youth career in Grêmio at the age of ten. Then he moved on to Guarani-RS, Cruzeiro-RS, Brusque, Atlético-GO, Juventus-SC and Londrina.

– Luizinho has become a role model for all the boys. When he takes a 10-year-old to another case of having a cold that God knows and stays, he has already given the first testimony of his character. Now, in Bahia, I’m sure it will work – Gordao’s costume included.

Luis Henrique at Team Bahia vs CSA match, for the Northeast Cup – Photo: Felipe Oliveira/EC Bahia/Publicity

On Friday, Bahian from Salvador will have the opportunity, once again, to make Luis de Gas and other family and friends proud, as it should be a start in Bahia. The opponent will be Tompense, at 19:00 (GMT), at the Suarez de Azevedo Stadium, in Murray-MG, in the ninth round of Serie B.

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