A former student at the Polytechnic of Viana do Castelo “conquered” the CEO of Microsoft

Edgar Simões, who holds a degree in management from Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão, created a platform to provide real-time support to Ukrainian refugees and Satya Nadella highlighted Ukraine’s Live Aid platform on the first day of the company’s largest global event, Microsof Build 2022.

In just 10 days, the former student of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC) arrived and saw the Microsoft CEO and actually won. To his surprise, Edgar Simois heard Sataya Nadella praising the platform he had set up to support Ukrainian refugees in real time. The CEO of the company gave the vision on a global scale, on the first day of the company’s largest global event (Microsoft Build 2022), to the work developed by the former student of the Management Certificate at Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão (ESTG-IPVC). The newcomer to the company now feels “the weight of responsibility”, but “more than ever” will take advantage of “this opportunity”.

The “Ukrainian Live Aid” platform, which can be accessed here, started in March and already has more than 100 institutions in 17 Portuguese provinces. “We’ve already seen people using Power Pages to do much-needed meaningful work. In Portugal, Edgar Simويسes wanted to encourage people to donate goods to help welcome refugees. I used Power Pages to host and build your app, allowing you to run a website without knowledge of HTML or “It went from an idea to a real impact in just a few days,” said Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO at the opening of the conference.

During yesterday Edgar Simões didn’t have the hands to make many phone calls or answer many messages. “It was a crazy day, I didn’t get many calls, emails and internal communications. Everyone told me that I was only with the company for a week and that I was already on stage,” he said.

Still in the words of the founder of Ukraine Living Aid, “This project was born out of a desire to support Ukrainian refugees.” The pandemic has shown us, according to a former student at Viana do Castelo Polytechnic, that “technology serves its purpose best when it is at the service of people in times of social emergency.” This time, a power platform support engineer from Microsoft Portugal decided to act. “I realized there was a lot of data scattered around donation centers across the national territory. Even with limited knowledge of Microsoft Power Pages and almost zero programming, I developed the first version of the app in a weekend,” admitted Edgar Simões.

Live Ukrainian Aid consists of a platform with an interactive map intended to facilitate the search for places where donations can be made for all Portuguese, providing after location filters, a direct link to Google Maps, and making use of the platform via a mobile device. Edgar Simões, born in Viana do Castelo, added that with an interactive map, users can submit locations that are not on the interactive map and contribute technical/computer support to develop the platform’s maturity. “On a weekend at home with the right instruments, I made my music,” Edgar Simois joked.

The platform started with 30 donation points and is now focused on more than 100 sites, in 17 provinces of mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira, with the support of a team of seven volunteers from the technical community. He revealed that “the platform had an average of 20 daily visits, and only yesterday we reached 1,000 visits.”
It is worth noting that the graduate in management from the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo has a passion for various Microsoft products and technologies: he has been an ambassador for Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors since 2020 and holds the official Microsoft certification “Power Platform Functional Consultant Assistant”.


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