A family accuses the hospital of negligence and submits a petition to pressure justice

The photo shows mother Paula Lyce holding boy Samuel in her arm.  They both have blurry faces

The photo shows mother Paula Lyce holding boy Samuel in her arm. They both have blurry faces

Photo: Photo: Group / Photo Submitted by Family / Alma Prieta

This past Sunday (22) marked the death of Samuel Jefferson Rodriguez, aged one and eight months, a victim of medical negligence at a private hospital in Olinda, Pernambuco. Even with the support of the Black Expressionist Pernambuco (ANEPE), who has taken action in front of the unit demanding justice, the parents deplore the lack of definitive answers. As a means of putting pressure on the responsible authorities, an online petition was launched on Wednesday (25).

“It feels pain, injustice, and impunity,” says teacher Paula Laiss, 29, Samuel’s mother. She says that even in the face of consistent reports of neglect, the doctor in charge of child care continues to function normally in the unit. So far, according to her, the operation against the specialist is following the Regional Council of Medicine of the state of Pernambuco (Krimepe), but it is still in its initial stage without any action being taken.

“It is hard to see that the same unit is still fully functional, that is, full of infants and children, and they are in the hands of professionals who did not receive enough attention and did not care about my son’s needs. At that time, the pain without him, I was able to understand that when it came to blacks and the poor, When he’s guilty, justice falls quickly. Otherwise, no,” the mother condemns.

For the child’s father, property security guard Jefferson Rodriguez, 39, the son’s death is directly linked to the proliferation of structural racism, which, in his view, affects several sectors, including health.

“We, as the parents of Samuel, who are brown, know that our fruit is also black and that there is still early structural development. We know that people will view it differently, and all of this has affected the follow-up with and the quality of care. The obvious thing about these was The case is that, on several occasions, the voice of Paula, a black woman, reported what Samuel was feeling and did not hear. Most of them heard,” he shot.

On March 21, the parents said that they had submitted, at the civil police station in Rio Doce, also in Olinda, a complaint document containing all the facts of the criminal sphere. However, two months later, the delegate in charge, identified by them as Renata Araujo Pinheiro Gómez, did not initiate investigation or subpoena proceedings to clarify the case.

understand the issue

The incident described by the boy’s parents occurred on November 22, 2021, when, according to officials, Samuel had a fever, pallor, cold extremities and vomiting, when the family went to the emergency unit. Even seeking immediate help, they say they did not receive proper medical care, with long waiting times and little attention to the child’s condition.

According to the report, in primary care, the child’s father, on his own initiative, had to find a thermometer to measure Samuel’s temperature, due to a lack of care from the specialists present.

According to the mother, the pediatrician neglected to describe the symptoms of the child, who at that time had more serious signs, such as pallor of the mouth and cold extremities. Even with urgency, the parents say that the child has not been fully examined.

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The only available nurse practitioner at the time had reported that the medicine needed for the child had not made it to the pharmacy; Samuel will get his first medication 50 minutes after he arrives at the hospital.

A nasal rinse was prescribed by the doctor, and shortly after that moment, the health professional asked the mother to put the baby on a stretcher to start the treatment, which caused an epileptic seizure. In response to parental concern about the child’s reaction, tell the technician that this is normal and that the child could have other symptoms, such as drowsiness. Samuel was then moved to another ward of the hospital where family members were unable to be present. Hours later, news arrived that the son did not resist.

To the parents’ surprise, the boy Samuel’s death certificate showed an unspecified cause, although the body was sent to the death verification service. The Institute of Forensic Medicine also conducted an investigation, but did not provide the official report; The fact that leaves the family without a definitive answer about what happened to the child from the onset of symptoms until his death.

What do you ask the family?

In the public petition that opened on Wednesday (25), parents made some requests, among them: accountability of the care unit and the physician in charge; agility in the investigation of the procedures adopted by the doctor of the Regional Board of Medicine of Pernambuco (Krimepe) and their immediate removal until the end of the investigations; And that the investigation procedures to clarify the case are initiated by the responsible delegate. In addition, they ask for specific information about the cause of their son’s death.

“We know that justice in Brazil is late, flawed and very bureaucratic. I think Samuel’s case falls into this, bureaucracy and slowness and we want that speed, because we believe this case cannot go unpunished. We have to fight for the speed of this process so that we can see “People who were neglected are being listened to and held accountable. We are fighting not just for our son, but for the safety of other black children,” concludes the father, Jefferson Rodriguez.

Petition titled #JusticePorSamuelzinho, with the same name used in a campaign on social networks, is still receiving signatures. Until this text closes, 560 out of the 1,000 necessary to reach the target have already been implemented.

Alma Preta Jornalismo has contacted CREMEPE to find out more details about the progress of the operation, but has yet to receive a response. The Minister of Social Defense, the body representing the Rio Doce police station, only informed that the case was still under investigation.

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