A cat who loves to watch TV is spreading fast and fascinates the web

Have you ever thought adopt a cat And find out that she likes to spend hours in front of TV Watching cartoons?

This is what happened to American Emily Caligian when she decided to take she a cat who, at the time of her adoption, had 10 years god.

she love Watch the comicsBe it movies or series. Every day, cats wait patiently (or sometimes not so much) for their owner to wake up to show their favorite cartoon on TV.

According to Kalaygian, age makes a cat already sure of what she likes or dislikes, and watching TV is one of her favorite things. Favorite Hobbies.

“Ella is very rude and demanding,” Emily said in an interview with The Dodo. “However, that is because she is a lady know what you want And I can’t blame her for that. But she does have her polite moments. For several days is wait patiently at my door until I wake up. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t use her voice when she needs to.”

ellawatchestv_ Reply to Thomas_pancakethecat #catsoftiktok #tiktokcats #petsoftiktok #catwatchingtv? Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini

The discovery of Ella’s taste in TV happened in one way or another one month After it is approved. Emily says she was looking for something to put on the TV, to listen to while she went about her daily business.

So Emily developed the animation “Greenwich”2018. I stayed almost immediatelyAnd so the cat’s love for drawings began.

coleandmarmalade / Play: ellawatchestv_
Ella watching The Grinch movie coleandmarmalade / Play: ellawatchestv_

right Now, she Watch your drawings every day. Inevitably, the teacher’s routine ends up spinning wildly around Ella’s obsession with television.

Emily went into more detail about the cat’s routine: “In the morning, it’s usually wait at my doorand me Choose a fee to watch and see if it’s something you like (…) At this point I already know what you won’t, but there are days when Surprise. “

ellawatchestv_ the best seats in the house #catsoftiktok #tiktokcats #petsoftiktok #catwatchingtv #catgames #cattv #adopt? Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini

“Later, you do the chores (sleep) and I do (my work). And then, when it’s getting late, you come back. We are watching a series or movie! We used to watch more movies, but lately we’ve chosen series where people have given a lot of recommendations to see what Ella will love.”

accept emily file Recommendations from followers Sometimes it depicts Ella’s reactions to proposed films and series.

Since the videos went viral, followers have loved following Ella’s daily life and her reactions to the proposed findings.

You can find Ella’s profile on TikTok click here or search for hahahaha in the application.

coleandmarmalade / Play: ellawatchestv_

Ella watching The Grinch movie Photo: coleandmarmalade / reproduction: ellawatchestv_
coleandmarmalade / Play: ellawatchestv_

One of Ella’s favorite films is The Grinch of 2018 – Photo: coleandmarmalade / reproduction: ellawatchestv_
Reproduction: ellawatchestv_

When you love the work Emily chose, Ella usually becomes glazed in front of the TV – Photo: Reproduction: @ellawatchestv_
Reproduction: ellawatchestv_

Find out more details about cats’ passion for TV shows – Photo: Reproduction: @ellawatchestv_
coleandmarmalade / Play: ellawatchestv_

Ella watching The Grinch movie Photo: coleandmarmalade / reproduction: ellawatchestv_

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