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While today’s artificial intelligence dictates the rules of the market, the big news in the 1980s was the popular typewriter and typing courses. And in one of these schools, then-student Adriana Moreira learned not only the art of writing, but also a newly introduced language: Visual Basics. She was so dedicated that she soon became a school teacher, and there she began her journey in the world of Information Technology (IT).

His passion for mathematics blossomed and joining his first computer science class at the Universidade Júlio de Mesquita Filho (Unesp) in Rio Claro (SP) was a stepping stone to a successful career. Female attendance did not even occupy 3% of the class, but she did advance, and today she is one of the co-authors of ‘Mulheres na Tecnologia’, part of a series by publisher Leader, which will come out on June 24, in São Paulo.

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This issue is part of a series in which women are starring in various fields of knowledge. In this technology topic, Editor Andrea Roma recognizes that this sector is made up predominantly of men, but has had a persistent female presence, demonstrating that diversity can contribute to enhancing corporate results.

The series began in 2018 and all work focuses on transforming real-life stories into biographies, cases, and disruptive methodologies for women who differentiate themselves in their areas of expertise. In this book there is space for the inspiring stories of prominent professionals in the sector that trace their origins back to their inception and career development. If technology seems like a complex topic, here you will meet the women behind the field, making us live more connected lives, making advances that facilitate our daily lives in various sectors, in education, health, mobility, communication, etc. ‘,” reveals the series editor.

Andrea Roma, Editor in Chief
Andréia Roma is the editor of the books that make up the Mulheres series, which explores various fields of knowledge: Produced by the publisher Leader. Photo: personal archive

Having worked for several multinational companies and currently being the IT Director of a French company, Adriana has shared her career on an even more daring project: she is a mother of two and has spent most of her life in cities far from where she lives. (São José dos Campos / SP).

“As an IT manager, I have noticed that we have to keep up with technological developments. Therefore, dropping out is something that can never happen, and we have to stay informed, including innovating in the challenges that arise. This is one of the great challenges of this profession. After all, when we specialize in some technologies, other innovations appear soon. So it is impossible to stop. I have always done majors and I continue on this path to be competitive in the job market and also within the companies I worked for. My passion for studies has helped me a lot in the process of modernization It was a preponderance for me to reposition myself when the specter of unemployment arose. So much so that I always had excellent opportunities,” says the IT professional.

Adriana Moreira, Director of Information Technology
Adriana Moreira took her passion for mathematics very seriously, and today she is a reference in the field of IT in Brazil: she is one of the co-authors of the book “Mulheres na Tecnologia”. Photo: personal archive

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Women in Technology is a book written by several successful co-authors who, today, are making a difference in the job market.

They are professionals in data analysis, computer science, data protection officer (DPO), computer and communications engineers, IT managers, programmers, and computer technicians.

A thought-provoking book that definitely grabs your attention, even in the face of the reality in which digital platforms present themselves “in theory” as dominant.

“The book in Brazil is traditional, and we have not lost or exchanged the paper book for the digital one and I think it would take a long time. The paper format is great for absorbing information, and one of the advantages of a printed book is the pleasure of feeling it in all its aspects, with your hands and your eyes. You have direct contact with the cover, with the weight of the paper , with every word, and this makes the reading experience more enjoyable and intense with every page turned over,” states Leader’s Editor.

According to Andrea, the technology sector is one of the most promising sectors today. According to the Association of Information, Communications and Digital Technology Companies (Brascom), it is estimated that the demand for the IT field will be 797,000 vacant jobs in Brazil by 2025.

women in technology
book cover to be released on June 24 in São Paulo; The co-authors are a reference in the field of technology. Photo: Disclosure / Editorial Leader

“A sorority is one of the most important points regarding the presence of women in companies in any field, including technology. The more we support gender equality in professions and wages, the more we encourage feminism in the market. It is important to emphasize that women seek, like men, to study and read and modernizing themselves to reach leadership positions. Hence the importance of continuing to support and employ women,” he reveals.

And more books to come:

“Women Transforming, Women in Psychology, Women in Real Estate, Compliance Women in Practice, Women in Law Vol. Adds Editor II, Women Cry for Help, Women on the Board, Women in Agribusiness, Women in Law, Women in Driving, ESG women and others.

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