A BOLA – SPAIN – PORTUGAL LIVE: The Portuguese teenager looking for a place in the semi-finals (U-17)

56th minute: Another great moment from Joao Veloso, with a wonderful pass from the back heel to Ivan Lima, who hit a cross inside the area, but is close to the left post of Nuno’s goal.

54 minutes: An exceptional pass from Joao Veloso, with Trevilla, and Jose Rodriguez, in front of Nuno, hits the right post of the Spanish goal. What an opportunity for Portugal!

The beginning of the second part!

It’s all in the air in the UEFA European Under-17 Championship quarter-final match. The Spanish team came more assertive, with some ways to achieve the goal of Diogo Fernandez, but it was the young Portuguese who managed to take advantage: in the ninth minute, after a blatant foul from Bonyar, Afonso Moreira, in the middle. From the area, he controlled his chest and shot hard and put it for the first goal this afternoon.

However, it was a short-lived Sun, as after only 8 minutes Spain managed to equalize: Bonar, with a header, substituted himself and made the score 1-1.

After that, the total balance is approx. The Spaniards had more possession of the ball and played more time in the national midfield, it’s a fact, but the horse team is trying to take advantage of transitional situations to put the last bastion in reverse.

interval! Spain 1 Portugal 1.

45 + 1: Dani Perez’s cross from the left and Moreno’s header over the bar.

A minimum of one minute of overtime has been added for this first half.

36 minutes: Yellow card, Iker Bravo.

30 minutes: Dani Perez made a great save by Diogo Fernandez, and on the rebounds, Miguel Carvalho hit the goal.

25th minute: Miguel Carvalho, already inside the Portuguese zone, hits with his left foot, passing the ball over the Diego Fernandez crossbar.

24 min: Joao Veloso, who was still from outside the box, was lowered a bit to the right, and tried to pass the hat to Nuno, but the ball went slightly over the crossbar from the goalkeeper’s post.

21 minutes: Yellow card to Hernandez.

17 minutes: Spain scores! Gasurovsky’s cross from the left and Kidari’s header veered to the far post, and Bonar, who was heading to the far post, restored equality. 1-1.

9 minutes: Portugal’s goal! A bad pass from Boniard and Afonso Moreira, in the center of the area, took control of his chest and hit his left foot to make the score 0-1.

6 minutes: Afonso Moreira, after reviewing from the right side of the middle, hit the Spanish goal, but a shot with No. 17 from a corner kick came out weak and next to the left post of Nuno’s goal.

4 minutes: With the help of Dani Perez and Miguel Carvalho, on the outskirts of the area, a left-footed shot over Diogo Fernandez’s crossbar.

3 minutes: Garriel’s cross from the left and Iker Bravo’s header to block Diogo Fernandes, and on the counter, Moreno hit the ball from the right post of the Portuguese goal.

Match start!

Spain: Nine, Bonar cKeddari, Gasiorowski, Garriel, Miguel Carvalho, Hernandez, Moreno, Dani Rodriguez, Iker Bravo, Dani Pérez

Alternatives: Quetglás, Sogorb, Youssef, Fortuny, Alvaro Ginés, Mella, Susoho, Mendoza, Victor Moreno

Coach: Julien Guerrero

Portugal: Diogo Fernandez, Martim Fernandez, Joao Muniz, Diogo Monteiro cLeonardo Barroso, Joao Veloso, Dario Isugu, Osomani Dagalo, Afonso Moreira, Jose Rodriguez and Ivan Lima

Alternatives: Francisco Silva, Joao Conceicao, Rafael Luis, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Luis Gomez, Manuel Mendonca, Thiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo, Joao Gonçalves

Coach: Jose Lima

to rule: Christian Petro Siocherka (Austria)

Auxiliaries: Maximilian Weiss (Austria) and Isaac Elias Bashevkin (Norway)

Fourth ruling: Gökçen Khaja (Albania)

There really is a difference!

The duel between Portugal and Spain will determine the final team that guarantees qualification to the semi-finals, as the Netherlands (Italy beat Italy 2-1), and France (1-1 and 4-3 on penalties) won. They are already against Germany) and Serbia (defeated Denmark 2-1).

It must be remembered that Portugal has already been crowned European Under-17 champion on two occasions, and in both cases, it defeated Spain in the final of the competition (2-1, in 2003, in Portugal; 1-1, with 5-4 penalties, in 2016 in Azerbaijan).

The young Portuguese reached this stage of the competition after he finished Group D in second place with 6 points (two wins and one defeat), while the Spaniards won the third group with 7 points (two wins and a draw).

Portugal will meet Spain this afternoon (6 pm), in the quarter-final match of the European Under-17 Championship, which will be held in Israel, and BOLA will follow online all the events of this Iberian duel. Come with us, dear reader…

Good afternoon!

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