12 gospel choirs to play

Are you thinking of renewing your repertoire of worship? So, may God guide you to the right place! So, learn about 12 Gospel Choirs to play today and always.

Playing gospel choirs is a great opportunity to connect with God through music (Photo / Freepik)

Playing gospel choirs is a great opportunity to connect with God through music (Photo / Freepik)

Photo: Sifra Club

In the beginning, gospel choirs are simple and emotional hymns praising God. It is one of the most popular styles of gospel music. In fact, there are other aspects that bless worship as well.

Among them, we have already highlighted the old gospel hymns, the new song and, finally, the Christian harp. Thus, these subgenres have beautiful words inspired by the Bible and the stories of Jesus Christ. However, now is the time for you to learn to play gospel choirs!

The best gospel choirs to play on guitar

Today, for the honor of the gospel choirs playing the guitar. After all, the famous stringed instrument was recently accepted into worship. It was not well appreciated by orthodox priests, but thank God, the scenario has changed.

In this case, grace prevailed, because many gospel hymns sound good on the guitar. So, take the opportunity to expand your repertoire and improve worship with the following songs:

Our general is Christ

To unlock the list of the best gospel choirs, nothing is better than a great song Our general is Christ. It inspires believers because it is full of life.

Rhythm is easy, all you have to do is play the beats on top of the tempo and up. About the strings, they are in tone we willclosely related to Dr. In this way, in addition, we have forms atAnd TheAnd Dr And J. To avoid eyelash, touch bm/d.

joy in the heart

Another classic praise for learning to play today: joy in the heart. With an attractive rhythm and special harmony, you make all the brothers dance and clap their hands in the house of the Lord.

There are versions in dialect The and others in c, but they all follow the same logic. However, some strings need tape, which can be tricky for beginners. Still, it’s a small hurdle for someone who already knows Jesus, isn’t it?

Celebrate with joy

Now, we will present a special hymn, made to glorify the Lord. So, the evangelical choir Celebrate with joy Able to make a difference in the praise of his church.

Thus, to uplift the soul in the Father’s house, the song has a strong rhythm, but is easy to play. harmony in tone J And the five chords are diaphragm, that is, they are part of the harmonic field of the main tone.

breaking into faith

The song that nourishes faith in the Lord is breaking into faith. And so he inspires all the faithful of the Church. On guitar, just do a simple pop beat.

Also, most strings are in a key JExcept for B. By the way, use formations b 7 And bm/dTo avoid eyelashes.

I got a new heart

Just as all gospel choirs preach the peace of Christ, I got a new heart no different. In this way, it has a soft feel to allow the beauty of words to transcend.

However, the change between the chords occurs every two beats, being more complex than the other two beats. Also, you need to master barre and chord inversions. It’s a challenge for the brothers who have been playing guitar for a short time, but with dedication, anyone can overcome it.

Good it’s here

Some hymns were done to glorify the holy name of the Lord! So, Good it’s here Able to glorify believers. Therefore, he wrote in a tone And. Furthermore, there is a chord outside the key, and atwhich acts as a gateway to E Major.

Some shapes need eyelashes: BAnd poisonAnd and #m And G# mis very common in this harmonic field.

A powerful God like Jehovah

Another song to learn to play now! A powerful God like Jehovah It’s stunning, easy to perform and has a happy rhythm, similar to Gherkin’s.

One of the points of this gospel choir is that the transcript is in the video referenced for the song WL. However, on the Cifra Club page, the code is in the format c. You can use the pitch changer on our page or play according to the video (which requires more eyelashes).


To celebrate Christ’s victory, we have the Beautiful Hymn resurrection. With an engaging rhythm and a victorious chord progression, the book tells how Jesus triumphed over evil and death.

Moreover, all shapes are in the harmonic domain lovetone relative to c. However, the e 7 Part of the harmonic small scale of a song’s main note.

to the only one

Each dedication is a unique opportunity to raise our being to the Lord. Even the music to the only one It is a true worship hymn. For accompaniment, try playing the strings in an upward direction, because it sounds beautiful!

Despite being in tone cthe music uses forms borrowed from other tones, such as those Minister of Foreign Affairs And And. Also, it is difficult for beginners, but with a little practice and faith, anyone can play.

There is no greater God

Below is a true hymn of praise. from that way, There is no greater God He inspires believers wherever he goes.

In addition to lyrics praising the presence of the Father, it has an easy-to-memorize melody and a charming rhythm. Most strings in a key FExcept for A 7which again serves as preparation for dm.

asad jodha

Many gospel songs sound like marches glorifying God. from that way, asad jodha He has a quick and energetic drive, able to please any brother.

In terms of tone, it is in at. There are 5 chords, all of them are easy to play. To facilitate performance, try to use the form b 7 instead of Bso you don’t have to do eyelashes.

Celebrate Christ

Let’s conclude with another happy song. In addition, it is a challenge for beginners, as some shapes need an eyelash. However, there are only 4 strings and they are all in a key F.

Celebrate Christ It has a fast tempo, and in some cases, there are two chords for each scale. Thus, they improve left-handed (right-handed) techniques and speed techniques.

Share gospel songs with your brothers

So, would you like to know all these gospel choirs playing guitar? Enjoy the text and share it with your brothers, so you can worship God together! Oh, don’t forget to show it to the church band, maybe they will like it and update the worship group.

The 12 gospel choirs you can play first appeared in the Cifra Club.

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