Why Caiado has invested so much in technology

Anyone who has watched news related to the administration of Governor Ronaldo Cayado in recent years will notice the inclusion of a technological vocabulary for digitally educated Goias.

Once upon a time, the state was symmetrical, as the ruler laughs.
In other words, there was little approximation with market requirements, such as application operability, software architecture, and the use of modern computing principles.

In previous months, public policies began to cite artificial intelligence, programming language, object-oriented language, arduinos, C++, Java, algorithm, 5G, chromebook, robotics, Internet of Things, Campus Party, and Notebook, technology scrap, metaverse, 3D, 5D, printing of objects, interface, bits, game engine (engine), game design and a series of expressions that renewed the name Goiás.

For Caiado, management has been “digitized”. The governor, who in the early 1970s and 1980s had a master’s degree in medicine in France and orthopedic classes in Brazil, understands the importance of a scientific and technology perspective for development.

After researching one of the most advanced countries in the world, the director returned to Brazil with the task of democratizing access to computers, equipment and languages. The result was the first technological revolution in Goiás – a country whose economy practically ignored technology until years ago.

The term robotics, for example, has not been part of the government’s lexicon, even though it has been around for decades. It was inconceivable to study the subject in a public laboratory.

Recently, the Government of Goiás, through the State Department for Development and Innovation (Sedi), has opened registrations for 1,950 vacancies for free courses in robotics.

The government currently has 26 embedded technology laboratories spread across Goiás. Even today, Goiás is practically nothing in the gaming market – it is more profitable than cinema and music together. But the next game that looks like spirits or unofficial in the industry may come out of here

This year, the fourth edition of the Campus Gala will take place from June 15-19. “We were the only government that was able to present the largest technology fair in the world to Goiás. Campus Party presents the latest technologies, which are presented and developed by young people from all over Brazil and Goiás,” says Kayado.

For the manager, events like a campus party and technology education action are the goiás for 21st century capitalism, looking for workers connected to modernization. Without investment in the region, the state will remain unable to develop through the centuries.

The governor advocates agribusiness with technology specifically so that Goiás remains a leader in the grain, livestock, and mining sectors. But, in addition to agribusiness technology, the governor urged his team: The creative economy and entertainment need to take advantage of technological advances.

E-sports exists to highlight the urgency. But others are not lacking. The most realistic case is how a Japanese series focused on gaming,
Cards and animation – the famous Pokemon, drawing with more than thirty strokes of the pen – earns about 95 billion dollars. Brazilian beef exports total just under $10 billion.

Arithmetic is just an example, since they are two different divisions and are not economic convergence points, but serves to show that since its inception, for Gameboy, in 1996, Pokemon is an innovation of technology, whose gameplay has been implemented in a game with the same language being taught Today in programming classes in Goiás, supporting the country!

It is in this sense that the next great economic career of Goias may emerge, which, without giving up agribusiness, will be a beacon of technologies, applications and programs – the most controversial products of the hyper-connected world.

Kaido expects 76,000 people to participate in this year’s campus party, in addition to seeing hundreds of tents from universities scattered around the event venue.

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