“We knew they were our children,” says a mother who adopted twins after visiting the shelter

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The adoption came as a surprise in the lives of psychologist Lais de Meneses Carvalho Arillo, 34, and her husband Osvaldo Alexandrino, 34, after they met twins Maria Gabriel and Gabriel Pedro, when they were just 3 years old. Today they are 12 years old and they have a sister, Maria Amelia, who is 1 year and 10 months old. This Wednesday (25th) is National Adoption Day.

“We adopted because we found out we had two children in the world, we didn’t give birth to them, but came into our lives and welcomed them. I usually joke that the pregnancy is unplanned, but in this case it was the unplanned adoption. We didn’t plan, but when it was possible, we started In organizing and we succeeded, we knew they were our children,” said psychiatrist Laiss.

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In 2014, Lais and Osvaldo helped the Foundation by caring for children receiving assistance in shelters. That’s when they met the twins, who were only 3 years old. At the time, they were still engaged. The couple began taking care of the children, got married, and in the process formed a bond with the twins.

“They arrived at the shelter on Wednesday and we met on Saturday, and we began to provide compassionate care with them. Because of the relationship of closeness and coexistence, because we stayed with them every weekend and week, on vacations and holidays, so the bond between father and son and mother and son ended, so we really began to form Family. After a year and a half we decided to get baptized,” he explained.

Prior to adoption, shelter teams try to reintegrate the children into their homes, but when that doesn’t happen, they can then be taken in by other families. Knowing that the twins were about to be adopted, the couple decided to register their names with the National Adoption Registry.

“We went through the process and saw that the family had no condition, that there was no possibility of them going back into the family, and then we thought, if they didn’t go back into the family, what would happen. Since they were brothers, there was no one waiting for them in the adoption registry, the children their age, who reach They are 4 years old already, and they were siblings. Since we were interested in being with both, it took priority. [na fila] So as not to break their relationship, ”said the psychiatrist.

In 2015, the children began to live with the spouses, and in 2017 they applied for permanent custody. She stated that the bond and love she felt for the children was key to starting the adoption process.

“My husband and I, when we were dating, already thought about adoption, but it was something later, but when our children appeared earlier than we can imagine, we had an operation, because we already knew they were our children, since we had a solid relationship, we just need to formalize it,” Laiss emphasized.

Today the twins are 12 years old, and the couple ended up increasing the family with the arrival of one-year-old Maria Amelia, who was biologically conceived. She explained that adoption in her home is not a taboo and that the topic is discussed with her children.

“The adoption process is not that smooth, because there are legal issues, but there is the identity issue of the children, because it is a new family they are getting into, so it is not something we simply do, but it happened naturally, we always treated it with great honesty and love. Whenever they asked anything About the original family, what we know, we talked, because we don’t have much information, but what we know, we talk. We leave them free to choose what they want, if one day they want to know who the parents are, that’s fine. That’s because we have the security of being their parents,” he said. .

She stated that the bond they built could not be broken. “The first day Gabriel saw my husband, he was already calling us father, so this relationship was built naturally, we never asked to be called father. And they were the ones who called and built the relationship in a natural way.”

For Lays, who wants to be a father or mother, adoption is an alternative and it is important to know about the children who are in the shelters.

“Whoever has the desire to be a mother or father, that goes beyond the desire to adopt. If you want to be a mother or father, the path to that does not matter, whether it is a biological pathway or an adoption pathway. When we experience this, we feel when the child is our child Those who have this desire and who are already on the waiting list for adoption, must participate in the lives of these children before the operation, visit a shelter, cooperate with institutions and find their child. We do not stand in line waiting for arrival, but we really know the truth, we know that There are laws, rules and norms, but it is possible to strengthen the bonds and help the children in some way,” he said.

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