“We knew it was going to be tough but we always believed in our work”

The defeat with the Hunters was the most important moment of the season. There was a tough conversation with the players and 22 wins and a draw followed.

The FC Setubal Division I District Championship is not over yet but the champion has already been found. The defeat to Comércio Indústria in Moita allowed Desportivo Fabril to celebrate at the end of their match with Cova da Piedade B, at the Alfredo da Silva Stadium.

“We knew that a match with C. Piedade could give us (or not) the title because Comércio Indústria would be a very tough match in Moita, as we did too. But despite that, the only thing we had in mind was to do our work and try Winning the match. It happened and fortunately we achieved the goal for which we worked so hard all year,” began by saying Joao Nuno, coach of the champion team, without concealing his satisfaction.

“This is a feeling of great joy and great satisfaction for the players and for the club, which has returned to a level that he would never have left. Last season, the last few minutes I spent in the Azores were very frustrating because they did not allow us to continue in the Portuguese championship, and this was a topic that was often discussed In conversations with the players. It should have been in our heads so that joy has a special flavor now. We always believed in what we were doing and after a year we got the reward. We are very happy.”

Joao Nono insisted on pointing out that the working group had never hidden that the goal was to struggle to strengthen the division. “We knew there were other teams with the same goal, Comércio Indústria and Olímpico do Montijo who would go to work in the morning and they had a lot of quality. We knew our job was going to be tough but we always believed in our work. Montijo was out of the fight earlier but Comércio Indústria didn’t. He never gives us space for the easy things because they also have an excellent season. In any case, I think there is not much doubt that we were the best team in the tournament.”

Reinforcements brought more experience

The team at first was really strong but nevertheless it was strengthened at some point and the coach explained why.

“We had a very important conversation with the president at the beginning of the season. He allowed me to fully build this team and he asked me to put together the team with young players who had the potential. At the beginning we were very young and within several days [quando o Ivan Reis se lesionou] Our oldest player on the field was 24/25 years old. That is, the team had good children, we knew them well because they were players in other clubs [Cova da Piedade e Barreirense]But when we got to the middle of the tournament we felt we needed to strengthen some positions. Fabricio, who was already with us, was registered in January and others came, namely Franca and Amandio Ramiao, who proved very important because they brought more experience and added more quality to the group.”

In the 35 matches played so far, Desportivo Fabriel, with the most successful attacking and least defensively defeated in the tournament, has racked up a record 29 victories, five draws and one defeat, the defining moment in Joao Nuno’s opinion. competition for your team.

“The tournament is long. We are going to play 38 matches, which is too much for non-professional athletes, and there were times, because of Covid-19, we had to play it on Sunday and Wednesday. We knew it was important to have a team with solutions, and that’s what I told the president. And the balance I am on is very positive because we had an excellent tournament. We started the tournament with good results, went on and won some games by good margins, but the defeat against Pescadores was the defining moment of the season because we knew that to reach the goal we had to take the tournament seriously because it was there. The other quality is fighting for the same goal and that the task is going to be very difficult. We had a difficult conversation, a conversation that had to be had at the time with the players and reminding them of what they were set for and the goal of the club. Since that match, in the 23 we played after that, we won 22 and we drew” .

Renovation on the horizon

Regarding his future and Desportivo Fabriel’s new season in the Portuguese championship, everything points to continuity.

“We had a massive struggle and our entire focus was on winning this season, which was very difficult. We never talked about the future. I know the management is ready to rely on our technical team and we also feel good at the club. So, I think we will talk in the near future to make things right,” said the hero coach, who also took the opportunity to leave a few words of thanks.

“I would like to thank President Faustino Mestre for the confidence he had in my work. He took me last season when I was in the Portuguese championship, we recovered excellently and we were very close to maintenance, but before that, he renewed me for the next season. I can only thank him for his trust , as well as Vicente the team manager who is always closest to us, the players, my technical team, my family and my father, the most important person in my life who should be. He smiles there.”